Wicker FAQs

What is all-weather wicker?

All Weather Wicker Outdoor Furniture is made with nearly indestructible and exceptionally easy to maintain, synthetic fibers. We recognize the need for the highest quality fibers for our furniture; we therefore use Viro® and Rehau®. These fibers are made by an extrusion method and utilize a synthetic material base that includes Polyethylene; they are through-dyed. This means the color doesn’t fade, come off or release chemicals at all. This extrusion process creates perfectly shaped fiber strands that are then woven onto high-end frame structures made with aluminium. Lesser quality fibers (for instance PVC) can be negatively affected by the sun (UV rays); additionally these types of lesser quality fibers can be toxic, not well suited to weather extremes and harden over time. All our outdoor wicker furniture is made with fibers that are supple, stay true to color, can be expected to last for a very long time in all types of weather and are not going to degrade in the sun. Our fibers are toxin-free.

Because of all these attributes, the wicker outdoor furniture you purchase from Design Warehouse is highly resistant to environmental factors and chemical exposure, such that commonly occurring problems are no longer problems. This includes chlorine from pools, lotions and oils, food or drink staining, salt water and salt air. Additional benefits include a very low maintenance regimen and immunity to rotting, pests, tearing, and it is a recyclable product. Our wicker furniture is not heavy and can be moved around with relative ease.

How is your furniture made?

We use all weather wickers like Viro® and Rehau® fibers and aluminium frames to ensure longevity, ease of ownership and great looks. Our wicker outdoor furniture is hand woven to the most stringent standards and remains tight to the frame for an incredibly long time. We weave our furniture in Indonesia, where there is a long history of producing the best-woven furniture on the planet.

How do I clean my outdoor wicker?

Cleaning your outdoor wicker furniture is very simple. Often times, a hose down with water will be sufficient. If you have particularly soiled furniture, the use of a non-foaming cleanser and a low-pressure hose is recommended. Wicker outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse is made to be extremely low maintenance. It is among the lowest maintenance of any outdoor furniture available anywhere and it boasts high strength and weather resistance.

What is the cost for cushions?

Our Outdoor Collections® outdoor wicker products include free high-quality cushions as shown on our site. Sunbrella® fabric covers a Dacron wrapped Quik-Dry® foam. This ensures a high quality, long lasting and comfortable cushion, built to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. These cushions are built specifically for our products and fit perfectly and are made by the most reputable cushion companies.

What happens to my wicker over time?

Generally speaking, a woven chair made with the materials we utilize in our collections will have a long lifespan and have good wear characteristics over time. The performance will be excellent for a long period of time and you might compare such a lifespan to a high-quality piece of indoor furniture utilizing the same high grade of materials.

What temperature range can woven furniture withstand?

Synthetic wicker outdoor furniture made with woven Viro® or Rehau® fibers can easily withstand the temperature extremes from -20° to 120°. The material is a dynamic one and will show a very slight change in suppleness during the extreme temperature ranges. This does not affect performance and is only a slight variation. When normal temperatures resume, the normal characteristics of the material will return.

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