Café Range (Plastic) FAQs

How do I clean my café chairs?

Cleaning our Café range of chairs typically is done by using a soft brush or cloth and a clear water rinsing. More often than not, this simple process will solve any cleaning concern that you might have with these modern dining chairs and relaxing chairs.

What material is my chair made of?

There are two distinctly different types of plastic formulations we use in our chairs; they are Polycarbonate (as seen in our Bent Polycarbonate Chair) and Polypropylene (as seen in our Box Chair). The Polypropylene chairs we offer are made specifically with UV inhibitors to handle outdoor conditions, including sunny and hot conditions. The Polycarbonate resin chairs we sell are generally built to be able to handle outdoor conditions, but we do not recommend full outdoor usage year round. These chairs are not specifically built to handle full year round sun exposure. We recommend using them as needed outdoors and using them primarily for indoor purposes.

Do these plastic chairs discolor?

Generally speaking, these plastic chairs will not discolor. Under normal uses and given the considerations listed directly above in the “What material is my chair made of?” text, your new chairs from Design Warehouse should not have issues with discoloration.

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