We manufacture furniture using the highest quality synthetic outdoor wicker from Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene®.

Maintenance on outdoor wicker is minimal. The wonderful characteristics of the wicker fibers used by Design Warehouse (Viro® for example) are perfect for outdoor exposure and make maintenance easy. Woven Furniture offered by Design Warehouse using Viro® wicker fibers that can withstand all normal temperature extremes across most climates. You can reasonably expect outdoor wicker purchased from Design Warehouse to withstand temperature variances from -40 degrees C to 70 degrees C.

Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene® outdoor furniture all enjoy substantially similar qualities with regards to capability outdoors and in sunny environments. We used Viro® above as an example only, based on manufacturer testing. All the brands we use for synthetic outdoor wicker are heavily tested, certified and proven over time in global markets. We only manufacture furniture using proven and beautiful, long-lasting outdoor wicker fibers.

Outdoor wicker is resistant to weather, environment, sunscreens, oils, chlorine (from pools) and many other chemicals and environmental factors. While it is very low maintenance and requires cleaning less often than many other materials, it will occasionally require cleaning.

Wicker Care and how to clean Outdoor Wicker Furniture

To clean outdoor wicker, use a non-foaming cleaner with water, and use low-pressure fresh water to rinse. Wiping with a wet cloth, or one with a mild, non-foaming agent can clean textured outdoor wicker, but the texture may change slightly, instead, it’s recommended that you spray and rinse the outdoor wicker with clean, fresh water.

Outdoor wicker exposed to extremes can exhibit temporary very minor changes in the elasticity of the fiber. In extreme heat, you might see the wicker experiencing more elasticity than normal. In extreme cold conditions, you might see the wicker experiencing a stiffer feel. In normal ambient temperatures, your wicker will retain its ordinary elasticity. These very slight changes do not affect the stability or integrity of these phenomenal outdoor furniture fibers.

Ecolene Outdoor Weave

Ecolene Outdoor Weave is an extruded High-Density Polyethylene strand. This weave material is made for outdoor use and can withstand extreme conditions and UV degradation. To care for this HDPE weave, utilize the same care instructions as for Synthetic outdoor wicker (shown above). While Ecolene is not outdoor wicker, it is an outdoor capable weave and has similar characteristics. Furthermore, the semi-gloss finish and round outside shape of the strand make it less prone to dirt and debris than most other outdoor materials.