FAQs About Our Outdoor Furniture, Ordering and Delivery

Why choose Design Warehouse when shopping for outdoor furniture in New Zealand?

We have been selling outdoor furniture in New Zealand at wholesale prices since 1993. With warehouses in Auckland, New Zealand, Design Warehouse has always been the premier supplier of outdoor furniture to NZ and the international outdoor furniture market. We have over 20 years of experience supplying wholesale outdoor furniture in NZ to designers, landscapers, architects, five-star resorts, retail operations & hotels; and the public. As a manufacturer, Design Warehouse has a pricing advantage compared to other wholesalers who, in almost all cases, buy their offerings from manufacturers like Design Warehouse with an aim to resell at a higher price to a retail sales operation. Bottom line: you get the finest outdoor furniture in NZ, at the best prices available anywhere.

Design Warehouse occupies the top spot in outdoor furniture in NZ, because of our portfolio of materials and an incredible range of designs, as well as our ability to provide constant availability on nearly all of our stock and the beautiful variety of products we offer. Then there is the fact that our outdoor furniture pieces are fully assembled for you. Our clients know we not only provide all these benefits but do so at the best price; and the highest quality – guaranteed!

Do you only sell teak furniture?

We sell a staggering variety of outdoor furniture products – including outdoor furniture and accessories in raw concrete, 316 marine-grade stainless steel, Viro® wicker outdoor furniture, Sunbrella®, powder-coated aluminium furniture styles, decorative items, BBQ’s and fire pits, high-end umbrellas and much more for your outdoor space! In our Auckland based 80,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse and showroom space we assemble our furniture and provide the impeccably finished product on site, including every item you would need to transform your outdoor space. Don’t forget though, we also sell the highest quality teak furniture you will ever see.

A large percentage of our customers are referral visitors or repeat customers, allowing us to state proudly that there are many thousands of pieces of our furniture here in New Zealand. We invite you to come see for yourself, like many thousands of our customers have. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture in Auckland, you will be pleased that you visited us in person. Don’t fear, if you may be outside of Auckland, our website is built to help you get the best idea of what our furniture looks like. That means that if you are looking for outdoor furniture in NZ outside of the Auckland area, we’ve got you covered. We sell a huge amount of outdoor furniture to Christchurch buyers and we have a ton of outdoor furniture in Wellington homes, gardens and patios.

Why is there such a price difference when shopping for teak furniture?

That’s an excellent question. Most retailers of teak furniture purchase their product mix through a wholesaler, who has made that purchase from a manufacturer like Design Warehouse. Design Warehouse manufactures our own products, which allows us to keep the total cost down; we offer this cost savings to our customers by eliminating the unnecessary middlemen and expense. We assemble our outdoor furniture in NZ and quality check it, finish it expertly and can deliver it everywhere.

In shopping with Design Warehouse, you can avoid the unfortunate 4 step buying process! (Buying from a retailer, who buys from a wholesaler, who buys from a manufacturer.) You might be getting the same great quality, but you are definitely not receiving the best price.

How does your outdoor furniture compare to others?

We invite you to see the difference in our outdoor furniture for yourself. Of course, you will be able to tell which details are most important to you personally. We do however have very specific benefits over our competition as well:

We manufacture our furniture in Europe (Italy, France, Belgium), Indonesia and the USA. These countries offer quality, workmanship, tooling, and accuracy that are known throughout the industry and to discerning clients to be the best in the world. All our products are brought to our warehouse in Auckland, NZ, we take pride in the fact that we assemble and finish all of our outdoor furniture in NZ.

Quality control is our top priority. We insist on our qualified builders assembling every piece that leaves our warehouses for full quality control and workmanship. Every piece you have delivered will be fully assembled, finished to a spectacular finish.

Our teak furniture is manufactured with the highest Grade-A quality teak available on the market. Our teak is purchased from the Indonesian government to their specified rules and controls, ensuring the level of quality, and helping to improve sustainability and control timber volumes.

Our machines in our manufacturing facilities are programmed to cut precise computerized measurements, the wood is then dried to the right temperatures in kilns to improve longevity, strength, and uniformity. Our hardware is specifically for outdoor use. That doesn’t mean you have to use it all outdoors, but it can take the rigours of weather and the sun. Our glues are marine glues suitable for a marine environment.

Our wicker outdoor furniture ranges are the ultimate in high end, long-lasting and easy to live with furniture. We use only Viro® or Rehau® materials, all manufactured and controlled in Indonesia, where craftsmen are known for their exceptional weaving and manufacture of these types of products.

Our raw concrete is manufactured by the most respected craftsmen in the business with the highest quality and control. It features a resin and concrete mixture to ensure lightweight and high strength as well as stunning good looks.

Our umbrellas come from Belgium and use European fittings and fixtures. Our fabrics are Sunbrella®, the perfect fabric for outdoor living. Sunbrella® is rot and fade resistant, beautiful, soft to the touch and lasts an incredibly long time, where lesser fabrics would quickly deteriorate in the sun.

Design Warehouse has no middlemen to deal with. Because we are the manufacturer we can source, design and sell to you at a lower price, representing a huge value to you, the customer. You get the best quality AND the best price.

Our outdoor furniture quality is the best, guaranteed. That’s why we’re still around, after so long in this competitive industry. It’s because we offer the best. This is proven by the high percentage of our sales that can be attributed to repeat and referral customers here in NZ.

Does your furniture come fully assembled?

All of our furniture is quality controlled and assembled at our corporate facilities in Auckland, New Zealand before it is delivered to you. We want you to be able to use this wonderful furniture immediately, without having to work through a complicated and annoying assembly.

How is your teak wood sourced?

Our teak furniture is manufactured from 100 percent plantation grown, kiln dried teak wood from the Perum Perhutani plantation in Indonesia. Our styles are European designed and manufactured in Indonesia under the supervision of European craftsmen. Indonesian teak is ranked amongst the best in the world. Our teak is Grade-A and harvested from a government-controlled forest in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. Grade-A teak is center cut; it has a very even grain formation and has the most density and beneficial attributes of any teak wood.

Is your teak oiled or does have a finish on it?

When you receive your teak wood furniture it will be in its natural state which is a honey or golden brown color and can often appear to be polished or satiny. The polished appearance comes from oil which occurs naturally in the wood. This surface oil will evaporate after a few days outdoors. The oil that remains below the surface is part of what gives the wood its durability. If left to age naturally outside, teak furniture will develop a handsome silver-gray coloured patina. This patina process will take approximately 9-12 months, of course depending on the amount of ultraviolet light and the rain that the teak is exposed to.

We sell only unfinished furniture when it comes to our Grade-A teak (some other materials have specific finishes). We recommend always buying teak furniture unfinished so you can see the grading. If it is finished or oiled at point of sale, it is often likely that there is a reason… It is likely not Grade-A. Grade-A teak is incredibly uniform, in both coloration and grain pattern. It is smooth, hard and dense. There are no noticeable knots or dark patches. There is no white residue. Grade-A Teak is a material truly in a class of its own.

If you prefer an oiled look or finish for your new teak furniture, such as a sealer or “washed” look we can recommend qualified people to help you find the perfect look for your space.

Can I order by phone?

Absolutely! A friendly salesperson is available to assist you over the phone 7 days a week between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm in the summer months and 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in the winter months. Give us a call today! (If you prefer, you can also always email us for a speedy response at sales@designwarehouse.co.nz)

Do you offer Delivery Service?

Yes, we do.

We offer you the opportunity to personally pick up from our warehouse. Please call ahead of time so you are not delayed.

We use only the best local, and national carriers for customers outside of Auckland, for those who prefer delivery over pick up.

These delivery people come to us qualified with the highest recommendations and referrals.

Design Warehouse requires this high standard of service.

Included are:

  • The furniture is quality controlled then leaves our warehouse fully assembled
  • The furniture is blanket-wrapped, shrink-wrapped or palletized, depending on whether delivery is local, nationwide or international
  • Furniture is delivered to your garden space, deck, or outdoor space, unwrapped, placed and set up

For all international delivery and projects, delivery is made to your project’s location, or we can store for a date that is suitable to you. Please inquire at sales@designwarehouse.co.nz

What kind of warranty do you offer for the furniture?

Our Warranty information can be found at the following URL: Terms and Conditions

How do I have furniture shipped?

Out of the Design Warehouse location in Auckland, NZ, we can ship to all cities in New Zealand and for larger projects we also ship to Australia and the Pacific Islands. Larger commercial outdoor furniture orders can be accommodated easily. We ship large commercial orders direct from our factories in Indonesia, the USA or Europe.

Ph NZ 0800 111 112 or +64 9 377 7710 or sales@designwarehouse.co.nz

How long does it usually take for shipping?

Most orders will arrive via a delivery company in approximately 5 to 14 business days. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday; weekend and holiday deliveries are only for local. We like to make sure you are in control of where your delivery is – you can call anytime for updates from the delivery company or if you need more assistance please call our staff.

For international deliveries, depending on the quantities and lead time we can deliver from our factories in Indonesia or from our warehouses in Auckland. For shipping details please call or email us.

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