Batyline® FAQs

Does Batyline® stretch over time?

Batyline® is designed to do just that (stretch). It stops stretching when it has reached 3% maximum stretch. This “elasticity” of the fabric allows it to provide an amazing seating experience and still return to its original position without deformation when the user leaves the seating surface. Serge Ferrari® of France produces the Batyline® Fabric, which is considered a high end product. The reputations of both the fabric and the company that produces it, are impeccable.

Does Batyline® attract food stains?

Batyline® is a coated fabric made from polyester, covered in PVC as an outer layer. Generally speaking Batyline® fabric does not stain and remains very easy to clean of physical residue, like food or dirt. Washing Batyline® fabric gently with mid soap and water, rinsing with clean water, is usually more than sufficient to take care of such issues. For further information regarding the Batyline® Fabric we use on our outdoor furniture, please go to Batyline® Mesh Furniture Care

Does Batyline® mesh get hot?

Batyline® Mesh is not meant to be used near open sources of heat. Close proximity to open flames, or directed heat sources can cause deformation in the fabric. That said, it is perfectly capable of handling high outdoor temperatures when presented in an ambient environment. (Batyline® can withstand heats of up to 70 degree Celsius). We recommend that you test the temperature of a seating surface if you intend to use a piece of outdoor furniture that has been outside in higher temperatures. You can check by putting the back of your hand to the surface you intend to sit on. Batyline® typically does not store or retain heat for extended periods of time.

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