Outdoor Fire Pits and Accessories

Fire Pits: Radiating Gentle, Inviting Warmth for Outdoor Living

Step up your outdoor living experience with our premium selection of fire pits, designed to elevate any outdoor setting into a warm, inviting entertainment area. Crafted from durable, lightweight concrete, our fire pits add a sophisticated touch to your patio, garden, or any outdoor space.

Available in Three Shapes: Square, Round, and Rectangular

Our fire pits are available in New Zealand in three distinct shapes to complement any outdoor decor: square, round, and rectangular. Each design features a central stainless steel pan filled with stunning lava rocks, radiating gentle, inviting warmth.

Dual Fuel Options: Natural Gas or Propane

These fire pits can run on either natural gas or propane, providing versatile fuel options to meet your needs. If you choose to connect the fire pit to your natural gas line permanently, professional installation by a certified gas fitter is necessary to ensure safety and proper function.

Multi-Functionality as a Fire Pit and Table

Not only do our fire pits provide a beautiful focal point and heat source, but they also serve as functional pieces of outdoor furniture. With ample table space surrounding the flame, you can easily rest your drinks and snacks while enjoying the cosy ambiance.

Optional Concrete Propane Tank Covers that Double as Side Tables

Additionally, we offer round and square concrete propane tank covers. These not only hide unsightly propane tanks, but also double as convenient side tables, enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space while providing additional utility.

Experience the transformative power of a well-placed fire pit in your outdoor space. Gather around the fire with friends and family, enjoy the warmth, and create lasting memories under the stars. Choose our fire pits for style, functionality, and a surefire way to enhance your outdoor living experience.