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Concrete Square Fire Pit


Experience the ultimate in outdoor living with our robust and stylish Concrete Square Fire Pit. Handcrafted from glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC), this fire pit boasts durability and a modern aesthetic. It seamlessly integrates into any outdoor decor, enhancing the ambience with its warm, inviting glow.

Choose between two models of this fire pit, one compatible with natural gas (NG) or the other, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to suit your preferences. Natural gas requires professional installation to connect the fire pit to the gas supply line. LPG may be easier to install as it generally just requires connecting the fire pit to a portable gas tank and a tank cover, doubling as an accent table or seat is available separately. 

Please contact us if you require additional information. 

Materials: Concrete

Dimensions: L 91.4 x W 91.4 x H 40.6 cm

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