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EvenGlo Portable Heater (GA201 316 Stainless Steel)

Enjoy your outdoor space beyond summer and into the cooler months with the EvenGlo Portable natural gas heater. The beautiful and sleek 316 stainless steel design will look modern and polished in your outdoor space.

The EvenGlo Portable Heater is commercial grade, but can also be used at private residences. It is manufactured in Canada under strict ‘authorized’ guide lines. These luxury heaters have the highest standards for quality and performance. Design Warehouse is the exclusive supplier in New Zealand.

The EvenGlo has burner reflector technology and can be moved depending on where you need more heat. It throws radiant heat while being efficient keeping your area and guests warm. It has a two-stage BTU/hr with 53,000 for high and 46,000 for low. It measures 230cm high and has a tip/tilt switch for safety.

For more information on the EvenGlo GA201 heater, please call us today or visit our showroom. The EvenGlo comes with an important instruction manual that needs to be strictly followed. Please read the manual for all operation and maintenance instructions.

Materials: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: H230cm x W100cm

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