Shop for an Outdoor Ottoman

Shop for an Outdoor Ottoman

The Ottoman is a perfect accompaniment for all of your furniture. It denotes relaxation, comfort and class in a single, surprisingly simple design that has centuries of history. Design Warehouse offers the humble ottoman in a variety of styles and materials, including outdoor ottomans in outdoor wicker and Grade-A Teak. Our styles range from the classic ottoman to the most contemporary and modern ottomans.

OUTDOOR OTTOMANS by Design Warehouse

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An outdoor ottoman is an excellent finishing touch to a perfect relaxing space outdoors. Design Warehouse offers the outdoor ottoman in a variety of materials that are perfectly suited to outdoor settings, weather and style. Outdoor Wicker, A-Grade Teak, Marine Grade Stainless Steel, and Sunbrella® fabrics are proven materials well suited to the construction of a sturdy, good looking and long-lasting outdoor ottoman. Perhaps no other piece of furniture is more perfectly suited to the utility of keeping you comfortable than the ottoman; with a luxurious cushion on top of a modern architecture or a solid Grade-A Teak ottoman built for the long-term, you won’t be disappointed in the relaxation these outdoor ottomans offer.

Paired with a relaxing chair, you could spend hours out in the warm sun with a cold drink, a good book or great company. Used next to an outdoor sofa, an outdoor ottoman can give the type of utility that allows it to go from being a place for the dog or a kid who’s done with playing for a while, to a place for a pitcher of your favorite summer beverage. Because of the small footprint it has, it’s perfect for any outdoor space; a properly constructed ottoman will last for many years and keep you and your guests in a state of continuous relaxation.

We make Timeless Outdoor Ottomans

Grade-A Teak is a perfect hardwood for outdoor usage. This isn't a typical wood; it’s got a natural ability to weather the harsh outdoor environment, including temperature swings, hot sun and wet climates. Furthermore, Grade-A Teak is gorgeous, a wood that looks like no other. Center cut teak wood starts as a honey golden wheat color, with a dense smooth surface and a very even grain pattern. An outdoor ottoman made with Grade-A Teak will weather gracefully, if left outdoors to an even and consistent silvery grey patina. With long-lasting fade resistant, rot resistant Sunbrella® fabric, you’ll be creating a beautiful contrast with furniture that will last for a very long time and still be contemporary whenever it needs to be.

That’s the thing about the humble ottoman. It just works. No matter what style you already have; no matter the space, no matter what style, an outdoor ottoman just always seems to fit. We realize you do have your own sense of style though, which is why we offer the humble outdoor ottoman in more than 10 different styles in a wide variety of impeccable materials. You get to choose a style that fits you and your space, but it will always have a versatile profile and integrated feel.

An ottoman and a couple of side or end tables will give a certain completion to any space, no matter if the style is modern or colonial, contemporary or traditional. Teak chairs, outdoor sofas and even sun loungers are what an ottoman lives to compliment. Design Warehouse has a large selection of teak outdoor furniture that are perfect companions to our outdoor ottoman offerings.

The History of the Ottoman as Furniture

Classically, an ottoman is simply a piece of furniture made as a coordinating piece for a chair or seating surface, that can be used to place your feet up on. They can be used as tables, additional seating surfaces, purely for decorative purposes or as a nice spot to simply get your feet up.

Specifically for the word “ottoman” and its use as a word corresponding to furniture, it is believed that such terminology is as old as 18th century France, where the word was used to describe opulent seating surfaces which focused on reclining and was heavy on cushions. During the latter period of the Ottoman Empire, this type of furniture was substantially bigger, sometimes taking up a major portion of a room, dedicated to housing multiple people in comfort. It was later in the century that the ottoman got resized for practicality and often it was common to find the ottoman as a hollow piece, allowing for some storage under the lid.

Why Teak and Outdoor Wicker are perfect materials for the Humble Ottoman

Design Warehouse manufactures a large portfolio of different ottomans with different materials including Outdoor Wicker and Grade-A Teak because these materials offer the best combination of ease of ownership and stunning good looks. When you have a key piece like an ottoman made form a premium material, that piece that simply works with anything can last for a very long time and look good while doing it. Easy to clean, easy to love, easy to relax on, our ottomans are made for a lifetime and offer a good-looking, comfortable respite for your feet, your kids, your dog, or your drink, among plenty of other things.

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Most importantly, We want your outdoor experience to be enjoyable, relaxing and rejuvenating. With the right outdoor furniture and perhaps even an ottoman, we are sure you'll find the relaxation and enjoyment you've been looking for. Our extensive catalog of outdoor furniture and accessories is sure to help you find a piece or several that you love.

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