Wicker & Rope Deep Seating

All pieces are sold separately so that you can get exactly what you want!

Deep Seating Wicker Outdoor Furniture

With wicker outdoor furniture, it’s all about ease of ownership, comfortable beauty and longevity. We bring this impressive combination of attributes to the table with the incredible and versatile Viro®, Ecoline® and Rehau® synthetic wicker fibers.


Wicker Outdoor Furniture, Sofas, Loveseats, Outdoor Lounge Chairs from Design Warehouse

Without question, these fibers offer the highest level of longevity and the best combination of texture and appearance. The weaves offered in Design Warehouse wicker deep seating collections allow you to choose from airy and whimsical to solid and sleek. Our design portfolio gives excellent options with very organic styles and a user-friendly feel. The comfort of our wicker outdoor furniture is matched only by the high-quality construction and versatile colours and styles. If you need the highest level of quality and the easiest to own outdoor furniture, this is the perfect place to look. You won’t find an easier to live with set of outdoor furniture anywhere. Pair our spectacular deep seating wicker collections with some of our classic grade-a teak for a wonderful conglomeration of two very impressive styles and materials.

Perhaps you hadn’t thought “glamorous” when previously thinking of outdoor wicker. But this humble offering has come a long way. With the latest in technological advances and the inspiring attention paid to the versatile fiber, Viro® and Rehau® has delivered an experience unlike any other in outdoor furniture. The simplicity of ownership makes it a perfect addition to outdoor spaces in harsh environments; with “hose-off” cleaning and stunning good looks, you really can’t find a flaw with these incredibly versatile offerings.

The modern styles give you a unique way to express your love of design, while simultaneously ensuring the highest level of comfort. Sunbrella® fabric and foam cushions complete the finished look and feel of our wicker deep seating range and give you a super indulgent seating surface, perfect for relaxing the day away beneath the warm rays of the sun, cool drink in hand. But don’t mistake our outdoor wicker as simply a relaxation therapy, they’ve got function built into their very DNA. We hear from our customers all the time about the business deals they close, the coffee they consume and the interesting conversations they take part in on our wicker deep seating pieces. Form and function meet in a perfect place to deliver an astoundingly simple and comfortable interlude to connoisseurs of interesting outdoor experiences.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture for Whatever your Space

Colours that work with any space give you an easy experience when choosing your new wicker furniture. The understated palette doesn’t try to impress with over the top colours of styles, because this furniture doesn’t need to. This outdoor furniture is composed, polished and refined, without being pretentious. You look at the range of outdoor wicker furniture and find within it a new voice you cannot often find in other furniture materials and styles. It’s just so easy to love this utilitarian and intricate furniture style.

From wicker lounge chairs to outdoor wicker sofas and loveseats, this range has it all. The wicker ottomans and modular wicker sectional pieces allow for excellent customization; the cool comfort of this fantastic fiber and the comfortable Sunbrella® cushions brings you the ultimate in outdoor furniture combined with the easiest ownership. For the outdoor furniture trifecta, combine our outdoor wicker furniture with teak outdoor furniture and marine grade stainless steel. As with all of our furniture, we deliver using an attentive service to bring you the finest outdoor furniture, fully assembled, ready to use at prices that our competitors cannot match. If you want that 5-star exotic resort look, you can rest assured, our outdoor wicker furniture and wicker deep seating collection can deliver. In fact, you’ll more often than not, find our furniture at that resort that might have inspired your decision to look for wicker outdoor furniture.