Aluminium Furniture Care

Aluminium care is marvellously minimal. It’s built to handle all weather or outdoor conditions, so the maintenance will be marginal. Generally speaking, for exposed anodized aluminium you can use similar cleaning techniques as with other synthetic outdoor materials. Mild soap with water and a soft brush (like nylon bristles that are very soft, or natural brushes with soft texture) or a clean lint free soft cloth to clean.

A freshwater rinse is our recommended method of washing your aluminium furniture, and drying with a towel (as necessary.)

For most concerns, a wipe down with a microfiber cloth will remove any clouding or minimal dirt accumulation; do this once every 2-3 months on exposed pieces your furniture should stay looking its best. We highly recommend doing this if you are beach front, to avoid any salt build up which can look unattractive on your beautiful furniture.

Most of our furniture has this material used underneath other materials for structure/frame work. In this case, clean the furniture as normal, based on the primary care directions for the materials on the surface of the furniture. This cleaning should be perfect for the underlying aluminium too.

You will never need to reseal or treat the aluminium with any chemicals or mechanical processes. Surface cleaning only is necessary.

Light hosing, wiping down or brushing will keep your Aluminium furniture looking tip top and ideal for outdoor use!

Our aluminium furniture has been anodized or powder coated to ensure excellent performance in the outdoors. Pieces range from full deep seating sets, to coffee tables, to being an element in your dining table or chair!

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