Outdoor Accessories and Accessory Furniture

Create the ultimate outdoor living space with our collection of tasteful and stylish Outdoor Accessories.

From gorgeous Reclaimed Teak Wall Hanger to the sumptuous cushions and extraordinary candle lamps, we have every accessory you need to transform your space into an amazing, comforting area to see you in rest and relaxation.

Design Warehouse keeps adding incredible items to our collection of outdoor furniture because we want to give you options when designing a look for the outdoors to call your own!
Imagine being warm outside even through the winter months! With one of the amazing Outdoor Heaters alongside your dining table which will keep you in toasty comfort for hours on end as you relax in your great outdoors!
Adorn your deep seating and relaxing chairs with our Pillows or Cushions. In a stunning range of colours, sizes and the most luxurious texture, All our Pillows will add infinite coziness to your seating situation.

Whatever you choose, we know that adding luxury and comfort to your space is a priority, that is why we choose the best outdoor products to ensure easy maintenance and long life.

Design Warehouse has an amazing range of materials spanning from classic A Grade Teak to the modern excellence of outdoor wicker. You’ll find everything you need to know on our website and by talking to our knowledgable sales staff – call us today to begin your journey to rest and relaxation!

Dress to impress in your outdoor area with our range of incredible Outdoor Accessories.