Outdoor Side and Accent Tables

Outdoor Side and Accent Tables: Diverse Styles

Explore our extensive collection of outdoor side and accent tables, offering a wide range of styles from classic to modern and contemporary. Available in New Zealand, our selection boasts an array of materials, with some models even offering different colour options.

What Are Outdoor Side and Accent Tables?

Outdoor accent tables and side tables are versatile additions to your outdoor space. These functional and decorative pieces provide the perfect spot to place your drink, book, or decorative items, elevating your outdoor experience. Moreover, their versatility extends beyond outdoor use, seamlessly transitioning into indoor spaces while maintaining a cohesive design flow.

The Differences Between Accent Tables And Side Tables:

Design and Style:

Accent tables: Decorative and ornamental with intricate patterns, artistic elements, and unique shapes.

Side tables: Simpler and more utilitarian, focusing on functionality rather than elaborate aesthetics.

Size and Shape:

Accent tables: Various sizes and shapes, including round, oval, or irregular shapes.

Side tables: Smaller and compact, typically square or rectangular in shape.

Placement and Purpose:

Accent tables: Often used as standalone pieces, creating focal points or decorative displays.

Side tables: Positioned next to seating areas, providing a convenient surface within arm’s reach.


Accent tables: Can be used in multiple ways, may include storage compartments, multiple tiers, or additional features like built-in lighting or cooler sections.

Side tables: Primarily intended for practical purposes, featuring a single flat top.

Materials For Durability And Style

Our outdoor accent tables and side tables are crafted from a wide range of materials, carefully selected for their durability and style:

      • A-grade teak and reclaimed teak: Renowned for their robustness and timeless beauty.
      • Outdoor wicker and woven rope: Add a textural appeal to your space.
      • Powder-coated aluminum and powder-coated steel: Offer rust resistance and a sleek modern appearance.
      • Ecolene® outdoor weave tables: Combine eco-friendly design with an attractive aesthetic.
      • Combination designs: Tables that blend powder-coated aluminum or steel with woven rope or teak, creating a modern and rustic fusion.
      • Stainless steel: Ideal for achieving a minimalistic, industrial look.
      • Concrete: Make a bold architectural statement.

These carefully chosen materials ensure that our accent tables and side tables can withstand various weather elements, guaranteeing longevity while maintaining their appeal season after season.

Where Are Outdoor Side and Accent Tables Most Suited?

Our outdoor side and accent tables are well-suited for various outdoor settings, including:

      • Gardens: Adding charm alongside blooming flowers.
      • Patios: Providing an ideal spot for an evening drink.
      • Poolside: Offering a stylish touch to your pool area.
      • Decks: Perfect for holding lanterns, creating an intimate dining experience.
      • Balconies and Verandas: Enhancing the aesthetic of smaller outdoor spaces.
      • Indoor Spaces: These tables can also elevate living rooms and sunrooms.

With our extensive range of outdoor accent tables and side tables, you can seamlessly extend your indoor living area into the outdoors, combining functionality with style.