Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Browsing our web site or showroom you will see many beautiful and unique marine grade outdoor materials used to construct our high quality outdoor furniture. Our range covers grade-A Teak, Reclaimed Teak, Resin Wicker, Concrete, 316 Stainless Steel, and more.

“Plastic” is one of the more! Designed and engineered to represent the same style, quality and durability as all Design Warehouse products you have come to expect. Plastic is an excellent alternative material that can be paired well with any pieces in our portfolio. Specifically when we refer to Plastic, we are referencing Polycarbonate Resin or Polypropylene Resin. We find it necessary to specify because there are so many inferior quality plastic furniture products available in the open market that are merely made of PVC plastic. The properties that make up Polycarbonate Resin or Polypropylene Resin used in our Plastic furniture make it suitable for full exposure to the elements. The thermoplastic component and synthetic polymer used in the respective resins perform extremely well and are intended for products that are subject to exceptional stress and heat, like outdoor furniture exposed to harsh elements.

Our Plastic product range can be trusted to be colour fast, heat resisting and long lasting. Couple these characteristics with exceptionally styled and pleasing to the eye designs and you get a piece of furniture that is sure to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether it is a unique accent chair you are searching for or an entire seating and lounge collection, consider Design Warehouse Plastic furniture. It can be a dramatic way to add interest and a unique element to the space you are working to create.

Visit our furniture showrooms, which are open 7 days a week from 9:30 to 4:30 or call us at (0800) 111-112 and our experienced design staff can assist in recommending the appropriate material for your outdoor paradise.