Unleash The Power Of Ecolene® Resin: Our Wicker Material Extraordinaire

The majority of our collection of outdoor wicker furniture is made of Ecolene® resin material. Some with a combination of woven wicker and other materials, like with powder-coated aluminium or teak wood frames.

The Robust Nature Of Ecolene® Resin Wicker

With an infusion of resilience and versatility, Ecolene® resin redefines the standards for outdoor furniture material. This polyethylene synthetic wicker is specifically developed to meet the highest benchmarks in outdoor furniture, ensuring that your investment is solid, durable, and enduring. It flawlessly withstands temperature fluctuations, and it’s free from common material ailments such as cracking, splintering, and corrosion.

Ecolene® Resin: The Material That Mimics Nature

Despite being synthetic, our Ecolene® resin wicker convincingly retains a natural look and feel. It embraces the unique characteristics in design, colour, and touch that you might associate with traditional wicker, all while providing the superior durability of modern synthetic materials.

The Power Of Compound Innovation

The magic of Ecolene® resin lies within its special mixture of compounds. These generate robust fibres that are more than capable of standing up to the harshest all-weather conditions. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, your outdoor furniture remains unaffected and ever inviting.

Kind To Your Home And Environment

Not only is this material tough, it’s also environmentally friendly. Opting for our Ecolene® resin wicker furniture is a vote for sustainability and a nod towards preserving our natural resources. Additionally, the lightweight nature of wicker furniture ensures easy maneuverability, making rearrangements a breeze.

Diverse Range Of Ecolene® Resin Wicker Furniture

From side tables and lounge chairs to dining chairs, outdoor sectional furniture, and planters, our Ecolene® resin wicker collection is extensive and versatile. Each piece, while unique in design, shares an exceptional quality: durability that ensures they last in outdoor environments.

Enjoy Outdoor Living, Indoors And Out

Ecolene® resin is ideally suited for outdoor living, yet its stylish design and lightweight nature make it equally compatible indoors. Bring the best of outdoor living inside, and enjoy the fusion of style, comfort, and durability that our wicker furniture offers. There’s no compromise, only the best of both worlds.