Introducing Concrete Outdoor Furniture: Unleash Urban Glamour

Enhance your outdoor oasis with the unmatched charm and durability of concrete outdoor furniture. Our collection features a wide range of stunning pieces, including side tables, planters and pots, fire pits, coffee tables, console tables, outdoor sectional furniture, outdoor and home decor, and outdoor benches. Crafted with a blend of concrete, fibreglass, and resin, our furniture offers a lightweight alternative that is resistant to breakage, making it perfect for any outdoor setting.

The Power Of Concrete: Beauty Meets Resilience

Concrete brings a touch of urban glamour to your outdoor space while embodying a modern and industrial quality that is truly captivating. Its hardwearing nature ensures your furniture withstands the test of time, remaining a centrepiece of your outdoor sanctuary for years to come. The innovative concrete composite we use is mildly absorbent, allowing for a distinctive transformation when exposed to rainfall or spills. Over time, these natural occurrences create an enchanting rustic look, with subtle variations in colour that add character to your piece.

The Power Of GFRC: Reinforcing Excellence

At the heart of our concrete furniture lies the groundbreaking technology of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). This advanced manufacturing process infuses the concrete with fibreglass strands, resulting in furniture that is not only lighter but also more robust and resilient. With GFRC, you can enjoy the benefits of concrete without compromising on practicality or ease of use.

Embrace The Elements: A Testament To Authenticity

Under the sun’s rays, concrete may develop delicate hairline cracks, signifying its authentic evolution through extreme exposure to the elements. Rest assured, these cracks do not compromise the furniture’s structural integrity. On the contrary, they enhance its unique appeal, captivating our customers with their natural allure. To minimise such changes and preserve your furniture’s appearance, investing in a concrete sealant is highly recommended. This protective layer not only assists in absorption but also safeguards against any potential damage.

Caring For Your Concrete Masterpiece: Longevity At Its Best

To ensure your concrete furniture maintains its allure for years to come, proper care is essential. Regularly applying a concrete sealant is highly recommended, as it provides an added layer of protection against moisture absorption and UV damage. Simple maintenance, such as wiping away spills and debris, goes a long way in preserving your furniture’s pristine condition. By following these steps, you can bask in the captivating beauty of your concrete outdoor furniture, knowing it will endure and charm for many seasons ahead.