Fiberglass & Ceramic

Fibreglass is a fascinatingly beautiful, durable, and sustainable material that has been well celebrated in the past but also touted by some as the lumber of the future. Its unique aesthetics, versatility, and tactility have given the material a sort of casual but hardy feel that endures, and that is why we have selected it for some of our most loved pieces.

On a practical level, fiberglass furniture is lightweight, extremely robust, low-maintenance, UV-resistant, nonporous, and chemically inert, which means that it will not react with other substances that it comes into contact with. The strength properties of fibreglass actually surpass that of steel, and the fact that it holds its colour over time and is scratch-resistant makes it even easier to love. Offering a modern aesthetic, our fibreglass furniture and ceramic pieces are an excellent addition to any outdoor space and will last a lifetime.

Our Ozzie outdoor stool in graphite has softly rounded curves that exude a modern, yet, understated aesthetic. It’s a unique and ideal accent piece to complete your living space, whether indoors or in an inspired al fresco entertaining space. Made of fibreglass, the Ozzie is lightweight so easily relocated anywhere you need it to be, be that as extra seating for guests or to place drinks and magazines upon, side table-style. It doesn’t matter which way you place the Ozzie stool, it still looks the same from any angle and pleasing to the eye because of its simplicity. The dark graphite finish will contrast beautifully with a light sofa or chair, while in concrete-look white, the Ozzie outdoor fibreglass stool will easily fit into any indoor or outdoor setting.

Generously proportioned at 86 centimetres in diameter, the Zoe Large Outdoor Fibreglass Stool has smooth curves and a low profile, making it proudly versatile. Recessed handles make it easily portable, while its low profile means it can serve as a fantastic accent or side table, too. The smaller Zoe Outdoor Fiberglass Stool in Graphite or White is another favourite, looking perfectly at home next to a teak deep seating collection or wicker relaxing chair.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the space you are shopping for is, Design Warehouse will have you covered. Whether you’re after something small and chic, or large and dramatic, we have a selection of accessories and furniture styles in a sophisticated and always sturdy package.

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