To Grey Or Not To Grey?

August 14, 2023
To Grey Or Not To Grey?

Teak wood chairs: Comparison of Finished and WeatheredTo grey or not to grey, that is the question! In all seriousness, choosing whether to let your teak age naturally and turn grey or have it finished will have an impact on your space in terms of the look and design.

Teak is the most splendid wood, full of character, attractive, strong and is amazingly robust for use outdoors. Placed outside, teak adapts to the surroundings, weathering to a gorgeous silvery-grey patina when out in the elements. It doesn’t mean that your wood is any less strong, it just acclimatizes to its environment, in the most elegant way.

It is simply the first couple of layers of the wood that fades, turning more grey, while underneath is still the vibrant honey hue. This means, that if you should happen to change your mind or redesign your space, you can have it professionally finished and cleaned to bring the wood back to its original look.

Our customers love the silvered grade A teak in contemporary spaces, you can really make a stunning look depending on what you place with it. Imagine the grandiose teak Amalfi suite, boasting a fabulous, modern look. Once silvered you’ll be thrilled you chose charcoal Sunbrella® cushions which offer the ultimate in texture and tone.

A faded teak table and chairs will add a comfortable glamour to the patio or garden setting. It’s something that’s both traditional and full of character, and something that makes a statement.

But if you like what you see when you first purchase your Grade A teak outdoor furniture, you can choose to have it professionally finished. ‘Fresh’ teak looks incredible in a lush, green garden, or against a seaside backdrop. Imagine the classic Adirondack Chair front and centre of your deck overlooking the ocean, a blue and white striped towel thrown over it… the Hamptons clean and classic look is there in abundance! Teak Square Pedestal Dining Sets Beautifully durable, teak is full of natural rubber and oil which makes it easy to maintain as well as adjusting the colour as you see fit. Your first point of call is a marine store, where the right teak cleaners and sealers can be purchased. We do not recommend oils to finish your teak. We only recommend professional grade teak sealers that will keep your table, chairs, relaxing furniture and accessories perfect! And just like your verandah or deck, it can be cleaned and refinished when needed.

It’s really about putting on the personal touch, choosing what works for you and your space. Both greyed and honeyed wood looks and feels amazing, but it comes down to what you wish to achieve. At Design Warehouse, our staff can offer pairings, suggestions, and opinions based on what you want. Pop in or call up, and let’s talk teak. It will be our pleasure.