Teak Adirondack Chair


This familiar outdoor teak chair is a homage to American summers at Cape Cod and Newport Beach and have now become synonymous with relaxing all around the world, from the beach to the quaint garden, the outdoor courtyard at a cafe to a roof-top party atmosphere; the Adirondack Teak Chair is not only a staple. It is a must.

Featuring ample slats of premium teak wood, these beautiful Adirondack Chairs have a stylish shape that fit many outdoor areas. A long slender back supports you completely, while the angled, low seat allows you to relax, and the wide arms offer additional comfort and ease of use – the shape is begging you to sit back, relax and unwind in superb style and content comfort.

The Adirondack Chair can be purchased with or without an ottoman, to add to the relaxed vibe of this truly teaky treat.

  • ALL IN
A-Grade Teak
W74cm x D89cm x H94cm

Whisk yourself away to an impression of a splendid holiday all year round with the exceptional, classic Teak Adirondack Chair from Design Warehouse.

Completely built with A Grade luxury teak wood, we know our Adirondack Chair will stand the test of time. It was originally built to withstand harsh winters overseas, as well as beachfront salt and weathering – so you know that whether it resides on your sheltered porch or facing the sea breeze, the Adirondack Teak Outdoor Chair will be a creature of comfort for years to come.

Simply placed against a green backdrop, surrounded by native trees and fernery, the Adirondack Chair fits right in with its strong, natural quality. Let it age gracefully, the wood patina will turn to a clear silver grey over time, and offer a lovely contrast to the lush greens you’re surrounded by. The perfect place to breathe easy in your home garden.

Several Adirondacks placed along a shimmering poolside, each paired with a chic umbrella and simple teak side table will offer up a stunning and crystal clear design message: THIS is where YOU come to RELAX.

We love the feedback from this outdoor staple item, it is timeless, it is chic and it is available from Design Warehouse.

About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Our Teak Furniture is the Finest Quality Teak Furniture in New Zealand and throughout the world. Teak wood is the premier choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is a stable timber with inherent water and rot repellancy, due to its high content of oil and rubber compounds within the wood. Teak is a highly valued wood because of the even grain and beautiful color. It has been the natural material of preference in the shipbuilding and furniture making industries. Teak is a durable, strong wood, which has high resistance to insects and is virtually immune to decay.

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How to Care for your A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is a practical, durable and more importantly a beautiful option for your space. Teak patio furniture can be left out, exposed to the weather with the expectation that your furniture will not become warped, waterlogged or twisted. Teak outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse is built for longevity and great looks. For specific care instructions for A-Grade Teak, click through the following link.

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