Outdoor Bar Stools

Outdoor Bar and Counter Stools for Every Setting

We offer an eclectic collection of outdoor bar and counter height stools, designed to elevate your entertainment space, providing the ultimate in comfort and style.

Ideal for patios, decks, poolside bars, and outdoor kitchen areas, these bar stools serve as stunning and functional furniture for both residential and commercial settings.

Our diverse range includes options suitable for all tastes and requirements, from cosy home terraces to sophisticated restaurant terraces.

  • Every stool is crafted from robust and durable materials such as A-grade teak, reclaimed teak, woven rope, outdoor wicker weave, and lightweight concrete, ensuring long-lasting beauty and resilience to the elements.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes, including bar height for a classic high-seating experience or counter-height for a more casual, relaxed setting.
  • We offer stools both with and without arms to suit your comfort and aesthetic preferences.
  • Our outdoor bar stools come in a range of styles including classic, rustic, modern, and contemporary designs, offering something to complement any décor.
  • For enhanced comfort, select bar stools are available with luxurious Sunbrella® or Agora® fabric cushions that are not only cosy but also resist fading, mildew, and wear.
  • While primarily designed for outdoor use, these versatile stools can also be used in indoor living environments, providing a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor design elements.

In addition to style and durability, comfort plays a key role in choosing the right outdoor bar stool. Stools with built-in footrests allow you to rest your feet, adding another layer of comfort. These are particularly ideal for bar-height options.

Bar Chairs (With Arms):

Armrests provide additional support, allowing individuals to rest their arms and relax their shoulders, which can aid in maintaining good posture. This is especially beneficial during extended periods of sitting, as it can help prevent discomfort and muscle strain in the upper body. For older adults or individuals with mobility concerns, bar chairs with arms can provide assistance when sitting down or standing up.

Bar Stools (Without Arms):

Bar stools without arms have their own comfort advantages. They offer more flexibility in terms of movement, allowing individuals to adopt a variety of postures and switch positions more easily. This can result in less overall body fatigue over time. Bar stools without arms are also a more space-efficient choice, which can make them more comfortable in smaller areas where space is at a premium. They allow for easier access and exit, especially in tighter spaces, which can enhance overall comfort and usability. When it comes to the height of bar stools, both bar height and counter-height stools can be comfortable, depending on the situation:

Bar Height Stools:

Bar height stools are usually around 71 to 81 centimetres tall, which makes them suitable for standard home bars and pub tables. They are ideal for creating a traditional bar experience and can be more comfortable for taller individuals or in settings where the counter or tabletop is higher.

Counter-Height Stools:

Counter-height stools, on the other hand, typically range from 61 to 69 centimetres in height and work well with kitchen islands or counter-height dining tables. They allow the user to be closer to the counter level, which can be more comfortable during activities like dining or socialising with others standing near the counter. Also, they can be more comfortable and safer for children or shorter individuals, offering easier access to get on and off the stool.

The decision between bar height and counter-height stools should primarily be determined by the height of your table or counter, to ensure an appropriate and comfortable seating position. However, your personal preference and comfort should also play a key role in the decision-making process.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect outdoor bar stool that will not only enhance your space but also create a stylish and comfortable outdoor living experience.