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"We’ve had such a positive experience with your company. We found sun loungers and a table on your website and called the 0800 number to ask a couple of questions, right before new year. The person who I spoke to was knowledgeable, polite, friendly, had all the info I needed at his fingertips - and was super efficient. We ended up calling back 5 mins later to place an order for delivery - and again, super painless process (same guy). Then this weekend a different staff member called to give me an update on delivery - again, couldn’t have been friendlier or more efficient. She gave us a delivery date and time window - which I really happy with. I wish all companies cared so much about giving customers great information! And today, the delivery occurred - on the day promised, within the time window, and perfect service. Loungers and table were set up, rubbish taken away - couldn’t have asked for better! We were amazed that you deliver yourselves, but we were really happy- keeping costs down for us, and retaining quality of service. We felt like we were taking a big gamble buying furniture online without seeing it, sitting on it etc. But the product is perfect - quality, comfortable, will stand up to weather, and it’s exactly as it appears on the website. We are just so impressed with the service and product. Will definitely look to buy more from you soon. Thanks so much for such a positive experience!"
– Helen P.

"It took me exactly 15 seconds to realize that Design Warehouse has a much better quality selection than the other shops went to last weekend. I just had to compare the feel and look to the last place I bought outdoor furniture from. The warehouse is very cool looking from the outside. Thanks for helping us define our outdoor space."
– Lizzy, Hamilton

"I didn’t know what Grade-A Teak was, and before I knew, I kind of thought that the lesser quality teak was just fine. I was shocked when I actually saw how nice and smooth and good looking Grade-A teak was compared to poor quality teak. I learned a lot! Helpful staff there at the warehouse. We’ve just brought home a couple of your small tables and we can’t wait to use them!"
– Ani M.

"Well, I’m surprised. I had to wait three months for a table from your competitor, when I last purchased furniture. I was able to take your furniture home today. Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until the next season to use this furniture."
– J.N. Doherty, Whangaparoa

"Thanks for helping me through, what is one of my first jobs as a commercial decorator. I really feel like you’ve got my best interest in mind. I learned a lot, but I didn’t have to spend hours in your space to find what I needed for my client. The product is fantastic. The price is perfect!"
– Jody, Auckland

"Really great, the service you gave to me and my wife last week. We’ve decided on the Plank Table and stainless steel chairs. This is just the impact we’ve been looking for. Cannot believe we don’t have to pay 20,000 for the set. Do you know the competition charges twice what you do? I guess you do. The warehouse was packed when we were there! Checking out the large seating units. Thats next for us."
– Jim S., Christchurch

"Weather extremes don’t do anything to my furniture purchased from you. I love how the furniture is starting to really weather and patina after about 13 months. I’ve been waiting patiently. Your salesman helped me know just what to do to get this look. Very pleased."
– F. Thomas, Wellington

"I forget the saleswoman’s name telling me that the furniture is already assembled when you deliver it! I love it! Using it now!"
– Charlotte, NZ

"Good stuff, this. I don’t have to bother with spending hours looking for something to put in my outdoor area. I’ve got what I want, and your man helped me find the right stuff. No fluff for me. All Business. Now I’ve got a drink outside with my new table and umbrella. Good on ya."
– Jack, NZ

"I opened a new cafe and didn't know where to go for outdoor cafe furniture. I had a tight budget and wanted pieces that not only looked good, but that would last with daily use. I was pleased to find Design Warehouse! They had everything I needed and more, it was all in stock at fantastic prices. It can't get much better than that! I would highly recommend Design Warehouse to anyone who needs quality outdoor furniture, or is opening a Cafe as far from me as possible of course."
– Catherine M., Auckland

Some Hotels, Resorts, Designers, Studios and Networks we've supplied Outdoor furniture in NZ

Design Warehouse has provided a considerable amount of outdoor furniture to NZ residents and commercial clients. Since 1993, Design Warehouse has been the premier provider of outdoor furniture to NZ establishments and homeowners because of the level of quality and service we can provide with the designs that people want. From poolside furniture like loungers and chaises to Dining Suites to garden benches and practical, gorgeous and comfortable outdoor lounge furniture, Design Warehouse can bring it to your home or commercial project in New Zealand.

Need outdoor furniture outside of NZ? We can also facilitate worldwide delivery on all of our furniture, including large volume orders. Our inventory management platform has continuously impressed our clients all over the world, as we’ve got our furniture in stock now, ready for delivery, fully assembled. That means you get gorgeous, fully assembled outdoor furniture in NZ, or Australia, the Pacific Islands, or wherever you may need it, now, NOT months from now.

Design Warehouse has built an excellent reputation for ensuring impeccable quality control and manufacturing legacy quality furniture. You’ve no doubt seen our outdoor furniture designs adorning the commercial spaces of countless resorts, hotels, movie sets and retail spaces throughout NZ and the rest of the region. In fact you can learn a bit more about our commercial outdoor furniture capabilities on the rest of the website. Design Warehouse is frequently featured in large multi-page layouts and articles in high end magazine and publications showcasing furniture, as well as being on many television shows and in many movies. If you're in the market for outdoor furniture in NZ, you've certainly come to the best place.

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