Powder-Coated and Galvanized Metals Care

Powder-Coated and Galvanized Metals Care

Information About Caring for Powder Coated and Galvanized Metals

Cleaning Powder Coated Steel and Aluminium

Powder coating is durable for outdoor furniture, but it isn’t a hard coating, relatively speaking. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. Specifically, with powder-coating you won’t need abrasives anyway. The finish is smooth and resistant to dirt and debris. A wipe down with a damp soft cloth for normal cleaning, and a hose down, followed by a wipe down with a soft cloth, is all that you should ever need to clean this furniture. Generally speaking, furniture that is powder-coated has a long life, and using these best practices for cleaning of such furniture, will extend their gorgeous looks even longer.

Cleaning and Care of Galvanized Steel

Care for galvanized steel is similar to that for powder-coated steel.   DO NOT use abrasive cleaners of mechanical cleaning techniques. The coating used in galvanization is thin and not made for abrasion resistance. As long as the surface is unbroken it remains gorgeous and protects well. So we recommend using mild soaps with water, followed by a clean water rinse and then a wipe down to remove all excess moisture. Use soft lint free cloths to perform this cleaning.   A touch up spray for galvanized surfaces is available all over the region, which allows you to touch up spots over time if you desire. Normal light cleaning will keep your galvanized steel furniture looking amazing for many years though.

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