Indoor and Sheltered Furniture Care

Indoor and shaded area materials are those which are specifically not built for the outdoors. This means that these pieces should be used indoors or under full shade only.   We make furniture which includes the following materials (and care instructions):

Indoor Rattan and Cane

Indoor Rattan is a beautiful material, and can easily be cared for. It should not remain in full sun or be in an area where constant exposure to heavy moisture is possible. Furthermore, we recommend fully enclosed storage of this type of furniture during extreme weather periods, for those who use outdoors under shaded structures.   To clean Rattan and Cane, a damp lint-free cloth can be used to wipe down the furniture, followed by a dry lint free cloth to dry it. We do not recommend using soaps or heavy water cleaning and it is generally not necessary, as these pieces don’t often require cleaning when using best practices for their placement and enjoyment.   Where the above materials are combined with other products please default to the cleaning instructions for the indoor/sheltered area products.