How heavy is your concrete furniture?

Concrete furniture from Design Warehouse uses a composite structure. This structure is comprised of concrete and glass fibers. Such a combination offers similar looks and strength to 100% concrete, but only has about half the weight of regular concrete.

How is my concrete furniture delivered?

All of furniture that Design Warehouse manufactures and sells is delivered to customers fully assembled. Concrete furniture for example, where a concrete bench would come as bench top and bench legs, would be assembled on site as it is being delivered. The same would be true for tables, where a concrete table would be delivered as tabletop and table legs (assembled at delivery). Concrete furniture is a natural product and in time will take on the appearance of wear and slight veining and small cracks. This is normal behavior of concrete. If this is not the way you want your concrete to look then it is recommended a different outdoor material be used. Please note once your Concrete table has been placed and assembled, please do not move again without removing the legs and top, be aware the minimum number of family and friends you will need to help with this move will be 3 or more. Specific requirements or special arrangements beyond what is normal and customary should be noted to your salesperson at time of purchase.

What happens if I spill red wine on my new table?

With any spill on any piece of natural furniture (this includes furniture with cement/concrete in it), it should be wiped up immediately. For more specific care instructions please refer to the following page which highlights more information on this matter Furniture Care

Can I expect the color to stay the same over time?

Concrete furniture including the type Design Warehouse sells (which contains glass fiber reinforcement), still has a very high organic content. It will age in a manner substantially similarly to bare concrete. The concrete outdoor furniture Design Warehouse sells, will retain its good looks over time, given proper upkeep and maintenance. Such maintenance should be conducted when spills occur, to keep the spills and stains to a minimum and to keep the color in the same condition as when purchased new.

Cleaning is easy with 1 part to 100 of household bleach this can be lightly sprayed onto the table top after it has had a light hose down first. Leave for 5 minutes and hose down again. Let dry.

Does the concrete have sealant on it?

Design Warehouse sells concrete outdoor furniture in NZ with component parts that are sealed with a high quality liquid sealant before the customer receives the product. The Sealer is used to improve water repellency and a similar sealant should be used when repellency begins to suffer. The professionals at stores which deal with concrete products like tile stores or concrete companies) can recommend sufficient sealants for your concrete outdoor furniture. The “Blok” concrete range we offer has a wax sealant on it and we recommend that a wax type sealant be used for future application. Your salesperson can also give advice on finding the right sealant.