Batyline Care

Batyline® Care, for the famous Batyline® Fabric: a PVC coated polyester fiber. Batyline® is a fabric that has inherent durability, great looks and gives excellent comfort without the need for additional cushioning and good resistance to natural environmental factors.

Cleaning and general Batyline® care is relatively simple. The key to maintaining the fabric is to use a mild soap* and water with a soft brush or a cloth. Mix the soap and fresh water in a bucket and go over the areas that contain Batyline® softly but thoroughly. Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, rinse off and dry it with a clean cloth. The fabric should dry very quickly. The mesh has an open structure, making it able to dry faster than other products.


Batyline® is a wonderfully durable fabric, the customer should be aware of sharp objects near Batyline® mesh as it is a fabric and can be cut with extremely sharp items. To avoid instances such as these, refrain from bringing the material into contact with sharp objects such as a knife or scissors.

The Special Characteristics of Batyline®

Batyline® mesh products also have other special characteristics, namely that the fabric has tendencies to return to it’s original shape. Additionally, it will not start sagging over time like many other materials because it stretches to a maximum of three percent. Batyline® makes incredibly beautiful and functional, durable Outdoor Furniture.

A Final Note About Batyline® Care

*A note: We mention a “mild” soap because we do not recommend scouring agents or solvents to clean the product. A mild soap is something like liquid dish detergent or dish soap. Batyline® fabric has excellent resistance to chemicals, including most cleaning products, but does not require heavy or aggressive cleaners under normal usage.