About Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Our Wicker Outdoor Furniture Collection

Wicker Outdoor Furniture made from resin wicker is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because it’s more durable, weather resistant and easy to care for than natural wicker and most other outdoor furniture materials. Wicker Outdoor Furniture is strong and rigid, made in ergonomic shapes and styles, comfortable and sturdy. Design Warehouse uses name brand resin wicker fibers from makers like Viro® and Rehau® and Ecolene®, which offer the finest quality wicker. This outdoor wicker is a two part fiber, with an inner core made from expanded resin and a higher density outer shell formed from a higher density resin to ensure long-life and light weight with full strength. Included in this page is also material information for Ecolene® Outdoor Weave (which is different than Ecolene® Outdoor Wicker).

Wicker outdoor furniture has gained in popularity because it has been proven to be a durable and affordable option for outdoor furniture, with high end fiber styles and colours. Resin Wicker is perfect for residential applications, but it’s also built well enough to easily handle a heavy usage schedule demanded by our Commercial Clients in their commercial outdoor furniture environments.


Wicker Outdoor Furniture made from the best Quality Materials

Viro®, Ecolene® and Rehau® are proven manufacturers of outdoor wicker and Design Warehouse chooses these makers because of their ability to hold shape, color and stability over many years of use in a variety of extreme conditions and under extreme usage constraints. Design Warehouse sources these resin wicker fibers and then manufactures high quality wicker outdoor furniture in Indonesia, where it is well known that the finest quality craftsmen in wicker, produce furniture. This results in the finest possible Wicker outdoor furniture for our clients.

These fantastic fibers are among the most resilient in the outdoor furniture industry and have the added benefits of being cool to the touch, even in the hot sun. Outdoor Wicker is also resistant to weather, oils, solvents and chlorine, making it perfect for poolside furniture. You can rest assured that Wicker Patio Chairs and Wicker Outdoor Lounge Furniture won’t rot, crack, warp or allow mildew.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture with Included Sunbrella® Cushions as Shown

Design Warehouse includes Cushions made for your Wicker outdoor Furniture made with high quality Sunbrella® Fabric and made from high quality foams. The weather resistance is exceptional on these cushions, but we do recommend proper storage during extended periods of inclement weather, or where you will need the cushions to be clean and dry immediately, like during Winter snows and rains.

There is a wide selection of outdoor dining chairs made from outdoor wicker, all at wholesale prices. Sun loungers and poolside furniture is also available in this durable material. We further offer, incredibly comfortable and stylish Deep Seating suites in our Outdoor Lounge Furniture, all available in high quality outdoor wicker.

Ecolene® Outdoor Weave

Ecolene® outdoor weave is a synthetic strand we use to produce high-quality outdoor capable furniture. Ecolene® Outdoor Weave is made from an extruded strand that is composed of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). This outdoor strand is made specifically for light weight, UV resistance and long life as a durable, easy to maintain material. Characteristics of this weave made by Ecolene® (but not the same composition as Ecolene® Outdoor Wicker) are generally: light weight, semi-gloss non-textured surface, round outer profile. You can find this to be a durable, and easy to maintain material. Ecolene® Outdoor weave is a high-quality material that we are proud to carry, we want to ensure that our customers know it is long lasting and perfect for outdoor living and ease of cleaning.

Care and maintenance instructions are also substantially similar between the two strands (Ecolene® Outdoor Wicker and Ecolene® Outdoor Weave); these instructions are found on the appropriate care pages.