About Stainless Steel Furniture

About Stainless Steel Furniture

Looking to create a sleek, sophisticated setting in your outdoor area? Our exquisite Stainless Steel range of furniture will turn heads and keep you in comfort year in, year out.

We feature #316 Stainless Steel heavily in our range of furniture, meaning marine quality which deters rust, and other damage. It also looks absolutely incredible, and is easy to maintain.

"Marine Grade" stainless steel, as many in the industry know 316, is the top echelon of grading within the category of stainless steels that are used for the outdoor furniture industry. This stainless steel represents material that is simultaneously great looking and which provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Outdoor Dining Set | Stainless and Teak Plank Table and Bench with 5 Batyline Chairs-1635Our Plank Table has divine thick planks of Grade A Teak and framed by amazing, smart Stainless Steel. The character is elegant and yet robust.

The Summer Stainless Steel Range features dining and relaxing chairs, and loungers. A stunning collaboration of Stainless Steel, Batyline® Mesh and Grade A Teak has peoples jaws dropping at the beauty and the comfort.

Place 10 of the incredible Summer Dining Chairs in Black Batyline® around a 3 metre Stainless Steel Table, and enjoy the luxury of a contemporary, comfortable dining setting.


Why we use 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel in our Outdoor Furniture

We make legacy quality outdoor furniture; 316 Stainless steel is one of the materials that allow us to make such quality, long-lasting pieces. Design Warehouse uses Stainless steel of this high quality for a variety of purposes: great looks, excellent wear capabilities, corrosion resistance and the stark but beautiful contrast that this high grade stainless alloy presents when paired with our other material selections.

316 Stainless Marine grade is an alloy that employs higher content of nickel and molybdenum. These components give a higher level of resistance to oxidation and offer a bit of extra toughness to the alloy. 316 stainless steel will be more resistant to pitting, scratching and rusting. In the outdoor furniture industry, many manufacturers utilize 302 or 304 grade stainless steel, which doesn’t have the same weather resistant qualities as the higher quality alloy of 316. Moisture and humidity, salt air and other environmental elements won’t be nearly as kind to lesser alloys like 302 and 304. The surface finish capabilities of 316 Marine Grade stainless also allow a beautiful micro polished or micro-brushed finish to be applied to the stainless for long-term good looks.

Treated properly and cleaned when necessary, stainless steel is capable of providing a lifetime of enjoyment in your outdoor furniture. Cleaned and maintained regularly, stainless steel will provide the same attractive qualities as you saw when you originally purchased your outdoor furniture.

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