About Our Raw Concrete Outdoor Furniture

About Our Raw Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Clean, modern and yet, a natural organic throwback with a monolithic feel, raw concrete furniture from Design Warehouse offers a uniquely satisfying effect for your outdoor space. Design Warehouse combines concrete with composite glass fibres to create lightweight but beautiful, durable concrete furniture.

Composite hybrid Concrete makes perfect sense for Outdoor Furniture

We utilise a lighter weight hybrid composite for our concrete outdoor furniture, which uses glass reinforced concrete. Retaining much of the original characteristic strength and significantly lowering the weight and negative characteristics of pure concrete, our raw concrete furniture line gives you much more choice, better stylistic control and a much easier to live with, outdoor furniture product.


While there are many inherent benefits of composite concrete, it is still made from organic, natural components, which can stain or discolour given certain circumstances. Like normal concrete furniture, it has a porous surface and should be cared for in a similar manner as normal concrete furniture.

We seal the concrete outdoor furniture we sell with either a wax of liquid sealant to protect against excess moisture and retention. Our concrete furniture has a stunning look, with its deep grey colour profile and wonderful styles.

Our concrete outdoor furniture is custom-built to go perfectly with almost all of our traditional furniture and the modern and contemporary items we offer in our outdoor furniture portfolio. You might find yourself matching our concrete furniture with any number of our other outdoor furniture options, including Grade-A Teak, Stainless Steel and outdoor wicker, where the bold and deep grey colours and the simple but stylish designs can be either a great contrast, or the perfect complement to your other outdoor furniture.

We are certain that once you've used our outdoor concrete furniture, with its lightweight and beautiful exterior, that you’ll be convinced it was the best choice among the concrete furniture available.

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