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Whether you are searching for wicker, concrete, resin or teak patio furniture, look no further than Design Warehouse. We have a large range of options to choose from, all of the highest quality and priced at wholesale prices. Check out our huge outdoor furniture selection including patio dining sets, umbrellas, patio accessories, and much more.

Huge Variety and Selection of Outdoor Furniture - Visit Our Showroom or Call for Delivery

If you are a New Zealand customer, we invite you to visit our warehouse/showroom in Parnell, Auckland. We have over 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 sq. metres) of fully assembled Grade A teak, all-weather wicker, stainless steel, raw concrete, and Batyline® mesh styles, all ready to take home today. We strongly believe that you need to view your purchase as there are various grades and qualities of teak in the marketplace.


We have a reputation for having the largest outdoor furniture ranges available to you immediately. You will not be able to purchase your outdoor patio furniture at a better price than at Design Warehouse, guaranteed. We supply our pieces to you fully assembled and can arrange quotes for white glove delivery nationwide.


“I didn’t know what Grade-A Teak was, and before I knew, I kind of thought that the lesser quality teak was just fine. I was shocked when I actually saw how nice and smooth and good looking Grade-A teak was compared to poor quality teak. I learned a lot! Helpful staff there at the warehouse. We’ve just brought home a couple of your small tables and we can’t wait to use them!”

–Ani M.


About Our Furniture

Outdoor Benches

A beautiful day and a gorgeous bit of scenery are perhaps best enjoyed whilst relaxing on a garden or park bench. Knowing that memories can be made within a tranquil space you have created with a beautiful bench in a beautiful spot makes those moments even more enjoyable. Design Warehouse builds benches that are built to last. This is evident in the quality of the materials, like Grade-A Teak to 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, or the time-tested building methods we employ. Another benefit of a bench made by Design Warehouse is that we've styled our gorgeous benches to each have a unique character, design, and flair that few of our competitors recognize as being important in the humble bench. We're particularly proud of our outdoor benches as they serve as a quintessential piece of outdoor furniture.

Making an Inviting Outdoor Space with a Beautiful Bench

Many of our customers are telling us about their desire to make outdoor spaces as comfortable and inviting as indoor spaces. Benches are playing a major role in this outdoor space transformation. The simple elegance of a decorative bench and the versatility of backless benches, that can be used as both seating surfaces and as makeshift tables, while still being unimposing and beautiful.

Design Warehouse makes a variety of benches that encourage calmness and relaxation whilst being stylish, robust and sturdy, for many hours of sitting and good conversation.

The Finest Quality Benches, Made From the Best Materials

We use Grade-A teak wood in our benches because it’s natural, beautiful and has all the attributes to make it through a lifetime of use. Grade-A Teak is the center cut of teak timber, offering the densest portion of the wood, a wood already prized for its density, relative to other hardwoods. It contains natural rubber and oil compounds, which make it exceptionally resistant to all the environmental factors that can destroy lesser hardwoods in the outdoors. Grade-A teak wood is resistant to bugs, moisture, UV rays, and sun exposure as well as other natural environmental factors. In fact, teak wood thrives in an outdoor environment, with many teak owners preferring the graceful aging and naturally occurring patina that begins to form on the surface of teak furniture over many months of outdoor use and exposure. This silvery-grey color is distinguished and is the perfect complement to any outdoor environment for those who prefer this color.

Commercial Quality Outdoor Furniture, Park Benches, Outdoor Benches, and Backless Benches

Design Warehouse has thousands of commercial clients who use our benches in outdoor spaces, from restaurants to retail, parks, and boardwalks, to hotels and resorts. You can often find our classic benches in hotel courtyards and along the seaside, where visitors can sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. We build all our outdoor benches to extremely high standards so that these benches can be used in public spaces or in private residences with the same expectation of longevity whilst maintaining a great look. We offer standard benches like park benches, as well as a variety of outdoor benches in different and unique styles, including options for those looking to find a backless bench. Our quality control process ensures that you receive a fully assembled, finely finished bench, so you can use it right away with confidence. All while knowing that you've just received the highest quality bench available.

Accent Tables

Accent tables can be the perfect complement to your outdoor space, and often a simple and small accent table has the power to transform an entire space. An accent table makes an area much more inviting, giving guests a place to set drinks or small plates of food; sunglasses or books and magazines, etc. You can find the perfect accent table by searching Design Warehouse’s portfolio of end tables, coffee tables, side tables, and other accent tables.

Find the Perfect Outdoor Accent Tables for Your Space

Creating a more accessible space by offering options to your guests makes for a more comfortable and relaxing event. At Design Warehouse we offer dozens of accent tables perfect for any of your accessorizing or practical table needs. In 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 sq. metres) of warehouse space in our Auckland, NZ location, we’ve got all kinds of accent tables made from a variety of incredible materials including Grade-A Teak, Outdoor Wicker, concrete and others. Perhaps you’re familiar with the outdoor-capable materials listed above, and know that they are capable of withstanding all types of harsh weather and environmental conditions. We use only the highest grade of materials to produce outdoor furniture that you’ll be proud to own and that you’ll know can last many, many years.

Customizing your space so that it’s uniquely your own style and vision is a concept that we take seriously at Design Warehouse. We've built high–end furniture with a variety of looks and materials to allow the ultimate in customization of your outdoor space. We know you value the choice and opportunity to make a truly special outdoor space and we encourage you to browse our extensive collection of accent tables to harness your creativity in designing your outdoor space. We think outdoor spaces should be every bit as comfortable and inviting as your indoor areas, so we make comfortable and versatile outdoor furniture that is built to a high standard, capable of serving as commercial furniture, with a distinct and beautiful portfolio of designs and styles.

We also sell accent tables of all sizes, styles and materials, including beautiful coffee tables at up to 70% off RRP. It is our aim to provide our customers with the best value and the highest quality. By eliminating the middlemen wholesalers and retailers, we can achieve that standard while also saving you money. We invite you to compare our quality and notice the huge savings for our superior outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor Dining furniture gives way to providing an entertainment space for events. Providing the right seating for your guest is important to ensure that you are creating an enjoyable experience every time. Your unique style in furniture will be catered to with our supreme choice of dining tables and chairs. With a large selection of dining chairs, you've got options to choose from. From dining arm chairs for the head of the table to armless side chairs which create a smaller footprint. Materials include Outdoor Wicker, Grade-A Teak, Stainless Steel, or durable easy to care for Plastic Chairs. Whatever you decide, you’re going to need dining chairs that are comfortable, practical, easy to maintain, timeless and beautiful. After all, with all that fun outdoor entertaining you’ll be experiencing in the fabulous, fresh air, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your dining chairs.

The Highest Grade Materials for Our Dining Chairs

Materials that Design Warehouse offers are all chosen based on their excellent outdoor characteristics, including weather resistance, ease of care, good looks after extensive sun exposure and resistance to environmental conditions.

Grade-A Teak makes perfect sense for outdoor dining, especially if you prefer a classic and traditional style (although, we've got plenty of contemporary and modern dining chairs in teak to choose from). Teak wood is natural, beautiful and resistant to harsh environmental factors. Grade-A Teak ages well, and has a very long life; teak wood doesn't contain unnatural chemicals or additives. You don’t have to paint or stain teak wood to get incredibly good looks. Teak Dining Chairs have character, arriving from our warehouse with a honey golden colour, dense and hard, with an even grain structure. If you choose to leave it naturally, and use it outdoors, the natural environment will begin to produce an amazing patina on the teak wood, to help it eventually achieve a handsome and distinguished silver colour.

Wicker Dining Chairs

Outdoor Wicker Furniture like our wicker dining chairs are made with a fine grade composite outdoor wicker fibre. We use high-end fibres like Viro® and Rehau®; these fibres are wound around structures made of powder-coated aluminium to create beautiful and lightweight, but sturdy and versatile wicker outdoor dining chairs. An incredible benefit of choosing synthetic outdoor wicker is the unbelievable minimal maintenance required to keep these chairs in top form. The dining chairs we sell in outdoor wicker, are among the easiest to care for outdoor furniture anywhere.

Outdoor Dining Adds a New Dimension to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Dining tables are an asset to your outdoor space, and even to your lifestyle in general. The idea of being able to enjoy a meal outdoors with good company and a great atmosphere is certainly inviting. Outdoor dining has become a wonderful way to enjoy your outdoor space while creating both a relaxing and entertaining environment to enjoy with friends. Design Warehouse offers a beautiful portfolio of Outdoor Dining tables to help you achieve the look and feel you want outdoors for the perfect summer entertaining. From the simple but stunning trestle table offerings we have to the traditional teak styles, reclaimed teak dining tables, and more modern and contemporary styles, Design Warehouse has a perfect addition to you outdoor dining setup.

Outdoor Dining Tables in a Beautiful Variety of Materials, Shapes, Sizes, and Styles

The materials we use are important because we pride ourselves on making marine quality furniture. We've purpose-built a portfolio of dining furniture which you are able to leave outdoors year round if you choose. We use incredible natural materials like Grade-A Teak wood, known for centuries for its amazing weather resistant qualities and handsome good looks. We also use 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, as it has properties far superior to lesser grades of stainless steel, so your outdoor dining furniture looks amazing for many years while offering excellent protection against the elements. Materials form the basis for a great piece of quality outdoor furniture, but your individual style takes what might otherwise just be a piece of outdoor dining furniture and brings it to the next level. You get a lot of choice with Design Warehouse, as we've designed and built a large set of beautiful dining tables with a variety of styles and shapes, from octagonal tables to classic styles, round café style tables to heavy and large double extension tables for big events. You can decide which style (or styles) fit your needs, as we offer a huge selection of Dining Tables, which will cater to the space as well as your taste!

Outdoor Dining Tables can essentially create a new level of enjoyment in your outdoor area; offering a relaxing meal outside among the beauty of your surroundings. From simple, impromptu BBQ parties, to more formal events, you’ll find yourself falling more in love with your outdoor space when you introduce outdoor dining furniture to it.

Dining Sets

More and more people are finding it a pleasurable experience to dine outside. Having the right outdoor dining set can only contribute positively to your outdoor dining experience. Design Warehouse understands how enjoyable and relaxing an evening outside with a table full of great food can be. We've made it our goal to produce the highest quality outdoor furniture, made to last a lifetime and capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments. Among our gorgeous outdoor furniture are our outdoor dining sets. Perfectly matched dining chairs from modern to traditional; and beautiful strong and statement-making dining tables.


Exceptional Materials for Our Outdoor Dining Sets

We use materials like Grade-A Teak wood, Viro® synthetic outdoor wicker fibers and 316 marine grade stainless steel to make unique and beautiful outdoor dining furniture. No other manufacturer or reseller in New Zealand or the Pacific region has as many combinations or choices for outdoor dining as Design Warehouse. We've got a great mix of dining tables from the modern and contemporary, small profile and slim dining tables to classic, heavy, farm-style dining tables and trestle tables. To construct our dining tables we use only premium reclaimed teak or premium Grade-A Teak with strong substantial timbers much larger than our competitor’s timbers. We use teakwood because of its ability to withstand temperature and moisture extremes outdoors. No other natural product lasts as long or looks as beautiful as Grade-A Teak outdoor furniture. Over time, due to ultraviolet sun exposure and normal outdoor moisture, Grade A teakwood attains a gorgeous heathery-silver colour. Most fans of teakwood buy teak because of this unique colour potential and the fact that the structural integrity of the wood stays constant over time. It's the best of both worlds: you get the weathered, aged look without losing the strength and weather-resistant properties of the wood.

Because not everybody always wants traditional styling or classic lines, Design Warehouse has put a lot of effort into designing modern and contemporary versions of teak wood classics. This design choice also extends to our dining sets. You can find new styles, not offered anywhere else that allows you to express your creative side while staging your outdoor space.

We offer our dining sets in different sizes to accommodate groups and families of different makeups. From small two or four place-setting table and chair sets to grandiose 10+ seat dining sets. Our dining chairs portfolio is one of the largest anywhere; it includes chairs with a diverse style palette as well as some more traditional styles. We offer teak folding chairs, modern plastic chairs, outdoor wicker dining chairs, armchairs, and side chairs. Side chairs work perfectly when you need to squeeze an extra couple of guests into a smaller table that you only use occasionally for large parties. Armchairs are a bit more comfortable and are perfectly suited to normal dining or longer dining sessions.

You Can Choose From an Exciting Mix of Dining Furniture to Create a Stunning Dining Set with Your Own Style

Because we have so many choices of dining chairs and dining tables you can decide what you feel is a perfect match. Whether you take design inspiration from our already paired dining chairs and tables, or whether you have discovered your own perfect combination we invite you to look closely at the high-quality construction, attention to detail, finishing and quality control of Design Warehouse’s outdoor dining sets.

Relaxing Chairs

A quality relaxing chair can be the single element keeping you from the maximum enjoyment of your outdoor space. Pure relaxation has a specific set of requirements, among those: comfort and peace of mind. The right relaxing chair makes it easy to unwind and enjoy a beautiful sunset, a cold drink, or a great book. If you've not yet found that perfect harmony on your patio or in your garden area, we encourage you to consider a well built, comfortable and classic relaxing chair. Design Warehouse is a manufacturer of such fine relaxing chairs, and we've got a strong portfolio of designs and materials in our relaxing chairs that will make it easy for you to decide on the perfect backyard chair.

Relaxing Chairs and Patio Chairs for All Settings

Whether you intend to use your new chair on the porch with a loved one, or as a patio chair with a group of friends, or even in the garden just for peaceful quiet silence as you enjoy nature, there’s a perfect option available.

Design Warehouse manufactures outdoor furniture for New Zealand and the Pacific Region, a place perfect for outdoor relaxation and therapy. Summer sun or Spring blue skies, are perfect backdrops for a picture of you with your relaxing chair. Choose from classic relaxing chairs like the Adirondack Chair, or a Tub Chair. Alternately, select a more modern and contemporary style like one of our Batyline® and stainless steel chair. Design Warehouse also manufactures incredibly easy to care for relaxing chairs made from outdoor wicker, or from Grade-A Teak, a natural material perfect for all climates.


Design Warehouse Relaxing Chairs are an Easy Choice

Our portfolio of outdoor furniture styles includes so many chairs perfect for your patio or garden space. From low chairs to deep seating and classic Marine inspired relaxing chairs.

Patio chairs and relaxing chairs are made for easy splendor in a comfortable and familiar space. Choosing such a chair shouldn't be a difficult task either. When you buy an outdoor chair from Design Warehouse, you can rest assured that you've chosen a relaxing chair that is built to handle a wide range of harsh outdoor conditions and a chair that is built to last your lifetime. We have many customers who pass on their chairs to children and grandchildren to enjoy because a relaxing chair is the type of outdoor furniture that can continually put a smile on a face.

Seating Collection

When you envision pure serenity and complete relaxation in your outdoor space, you probably see large, comfortable and stylish deep seating sets and outdoor furniture like we offer in our Deep Seating Collections. The Outdoor Sofas and Couches, deep seat club chairs and comfortable outdoor lounge furniture we offer in a variety of materials perfect for outdoor usage are all built specifically to enhance the beauty, functionality, and of course, the comfort of your outdoor areas.

Seating Sets built for unmatched comfort and style

We primarily build for comfort and functionality in our outdoor Lounge Style Furniture, but that doesn't mean that you can’t have amazing style and stunning looks. We offer a large variety of outdoor Deep Seating Sets: far more than any of our competitors for Outdoor Furniture in New Zealand and the Pacific Region. Our beautiful portfolio of these outdoor relaxation pieces includes every style from 2-seaters (loveseats), 3-seaters (outdoor sofas), outdoor sectionals, generously sized club chairs and a variety of other styles.

We design and build these outdoor furniture collections from the finest materials available anywhere, for outdoor furniture. Grade-A teak, the premium center-cut wood with a history of being the best natural choice for outdoor furniture, with a reputation for great performance in harsh outdoor environments, including out on oceanfront properties or aboard a boat (a perfect material for coastal environments.) Stainless steel, with higher compositions of Nickel and Molybdenum (we use only high-grade marine quality stainless steel: #316 Grade), offers amazing looks and consistency, combined with excellent weather resistance. Wicker outdoor furniture made with generous dimensions and built for comfort, are made from synthetic outdoor wicker fibres, made specifically for long-life and easy care. We use only the top tier fibres made by manufacturers such as Viro® and Rehau®.

We design our outdoor lounge furniture specifically to accommodate all the relaxation needs you might have. Details like: wide arms and legs built to last and offers a convenient place for drinks or books, or slightly angled backs to the seating surfaces to allow an easier exit from the furniture when you've got to get back to work. We also include long lasting and high quality build details like stainless steel hardware components and marine grade epoxies, so you know the furniture will stand the test of time. We quality check each piece of furniture and we assemble every piece, finishing it to exacting standards so you receive the furniture ready to use and finished perfectly with immaculate attention to detail.

Unmatched for Style, Comfort, and Selection, in Our Outdoor Seating Sets

Our Outdoor Furniture Collections also offer something no other manufacturer or reseller can offer on their entire portfolio. For our outdoor deep seating sets, we include, free of charge (as shown on site), high-quality Sunbrella® fabric covered cushions. This gives you a no-hassle way to enjoy our outdoor furniture the moment it arrives, without having to worry about ordering cushions. You just pick the in-stock colour you want, and we’ll deliver the complete package to you, ready to use, and immensely comfortable.

Our Teak Outdoor Furniture and Wicker Outdoor Furniture are not simply accessory pieces. Each collection of furniture is built for cohesion and high-style. We offer complete sets of furniture, but also sell each piece individually, so you can customize your special outdoor space. If you want a long, linear and modern sectional for a slender or narrow outdoor space, we have several options with a smaller footprint as well as larger pieces for the larger space, which are more opulent and generous. If you are after something for parties that offer comfort and coziness, we've got beautiful pieces for that too! Design Warehouse has the largest collection of different styles and materials for this type of outdoor furniture (seating sets), because we know that comfort, relaxation and peace of mind are important factors when purchasing such outdoor furniture.

Beautiful Outdoor Lounge Furniture Sets

Whatever your style; whether you want to recreate your last holiday excursion to a far flung tropical locale, or desire a perfectly modern, utilitarian outdoor sectional, like your favourite new restaurant, we have the variety that gives you complete control over what your outdoor space can become. We invite you to look through our stunning furniture offerings to find an amazing piece of outdoor furniture, to enhance your comfort and enjoyment outside.

Sunbeds and Loungers From Design Warehouse

Sun loungers and outdoor chaise loungers can be a perfect addition to your outdoor space. Poolside, or under a shaded tree, such relaxing furniture gives you a perfect place to enjoy sun, summer, and the amazing outdoor environment you've earned for yourself.

These classic variations (sunbeds and loungers) on relaxing furniture are available in our outdoor furniture collection; Design Warehouse offers the finest collection of outdoor furniture in NZ. From outdoor daybeds to poolside loungers just like the ones you've seen in your travels at high-end resorts and hotels, we offer furniture built to enhance the pure relaxation that comes along with balmy, tropical locations and a relaxation mindset.


Sunbeds and Loungers Made From the Highest Quality Materials; Built to Last a Lifetime

We offer classic nautical styled steamer chairs as well, for a more traditional look and feel, with an emphasis put on relaxation, harkening to a time when cruise ships and celebrity were key components to popular culture. Our steamers are not only indulgent and fun, they offer excellent versatility with their design and use. Our steamer chairs are made from Grade-A Teak, as with many of our outdoor relaxation furniture and sun loungers and daybeds. Teak is a perfect material for this type of furniture (sunbeds and loungers) as Grade-A Teak represents the finest available version of this material, itself famous for the weather resistance and good looks it has shown over the last several centuries in use. Teak offers sun and UV resistance, weathers evenly and with a proud and handsome patina that takes on a beautiful silvery sheen. Rot and moisture resistance are another couple of attributes that have made teak wood such a constant presence in the marine environment, like on the boats of luxury yachts. In your own outdoor space, teak wood offers low maintenance relative to other hardwoods and represents a lifetime purchase, that shouldn't ever need replacement.

Other materials we employ for use in our sunbeds and loungers and chaises, include 316 stainless steel, a perfect material for good looks and long lasting corrosion resistance on outdoor furniture. Batyline® mesh sling type fabric and outdoor wicker from Viro® and Rehau® round out an excellent set of materials, perfect for low maintenance and long-lasting beauty.


Commercial Outdoor Furniture Quality, Available to All Our Customers

You might consider the different styles of sunbeds, loungers, steamers, sun loungers and daybeds we offer, in searching for the perfect relaxation solution. We offer commercial quality outdoor furniture; we have been showcased by many of the finest hotels and resorts around the world, offering the premium materials and styles in masterfully built product. Our commercial clients have found exceptional value in our resort style furniture where many thousands of travelers have enjoyed their outdoor spaces on Design Warehouse furniture.

Sunbeds and Loungers of Exceptional Quality, with Amazing Styles

What does all this mean for you? It means you are getting proven quality, design and materials, that can enhance your own outdoor space, but more than that, you’re getting the proven standard for relaxation and comfort in lounging furniture, made with the highest possible attention to detail, finishing and assembly. We assemble and quality check every item prior to delivery, so you can rest assured you are receiving a beautiful and long-lasting piece of outdoor furniture.


Umbrellas & Stands

Outdoor umbrellas and patio umbrellas make an immediate positive difference in shade and comfort that no other piece of outdoor furniture can match so easily. As an accessory piece, the high-quality umbrellas Design Warehouse gives a perfect solution to hot sun or passing showers. You can easily create an oasis in your outdoor space from the hot sun, allowing you to enjoy more of the day outside, without adverse effects of UV rays. A cool drink under a patio umbrella is the classic symbol of summer. Poolside or in the garden, an umbrella just makes sense for those who enjoy the outdoors. Design Warehouse has umbrellas built with the highest quality materials, for long-lasting beauty and comfort. Sunbrella® fabrics are built specifically to withstand harsh outdoor environments, while still being lightweight and beautiful.

Outdoor Umbrellas Made with Premium Materials Including Grade-A Teak and Sunbrella® Fabric

Sunbrella® fabric is the perfect solution for those who have never owned an outdoor umbrella, as well as those who have been disappointed by lesser quality fabrics in the past. Unlike cotton, plastic, vinyl and other lesser quality outdoor fabrics for use in outdoor umbrellas, Sunbrella® fabric is perfectly suited for use year-round outdoors. The mildew and rot resistant fabric stays flexible and beautiful, without fading like other coloured fabrics and without similar negative aspects of lesser fabrics.

For Outdoor Umbrellas, Sunbrella® fabrics and teak wood umbrella poles offer a perfect combination for long-life and minimum maintenance, but we also offer several umbrellas which use other high-quality materials such as aluminium and Stainless Steel to support their canopies made from Sunbrella® fabric. We use Granite and Steel in the umbrella bases we offer, which allow you to move an umbrella, whether it is a standard market style umbrella or a cantilever umbrella, wherever suits your taste.

Commercial Umbrellas or Residential Patio Umbrellas: They All are Built with Exception Quality

We have a large commercial client base. Our umbrellas feature prominently in properties around the world. We are able to supply high-end establishments with shade, year after year, season after season, for their happy guests. We have a large residential and individual client base; and we've heard thousands of great stories about the wonderful uses they've found for their patio umbrellas bought from us. Our clients have always raved about the quality of the manufacturing and the longevity of the materials on our umbrellas and stands. We invite you to see for yourself the incredible quality of our portfolio of European style umbrellas and bases and of course to experience life in your outdoor space with a high quality outdoor umbrella. Because your comfort and relaxation is our priority.

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