About Our Furniture Materials

About Grade-A Teak Furniture

Our teak furniture is the finest quality teak furniture in New Zealand and throughout the world. Teak wood is the premier choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is a stable timber with inherent water and rot repellency, due to its high content of oil and rubber compounds within the wood. Teak is a… More About A-Grade Teak→

About Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Our wicker outdoor furniture collection wicker outdoor furniture made from resin wicker is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because it’s more durable, weather resistant and easy to care for than natural wicker and most other outdoor furniture materials. Wicker outdoor furniture is strong and rigid, made in ergonomic shapes and styles, comfortable and… More About Outdoor Wicker→

About Stainless Steel Furniture

Design Warehouse uses 316 stainless steel in our outdoor furniture. “Marine Grade” stainless steel, as many in the industry know 316, is the top echelon of grading within the category of stainless steels that are used for the outdoor furniture industry. This stainless steel represents material that is simultaneously great looking and which provides excellent… More About Stainless Steel→

About Batyline Furniture

Batyline® is a fabric made with polyester fiber and finished with an outer layer of PVC. This combination of fabrics creates an extremely durable fabric with special characteristics including a low total stretch, no instance of cracking and very good resistance to natural environmental elements. Because Batyline® only stretches to a maximum of 3% across… More About Batyline® →

About Concrete Furniture

Concrete outdoor furniture at Design Warehouse is a stunning statement for any outdoor space. We’ve taken the best aesthetic qualities of concrete and combined it with innovative engineering and materials to create a perfect blend of livable, versatile and stunningly good-looking outdoor furniture. We use a composite blend of resin and concrete to create lighter… More About Concrete→

About Rope Furniture

Design Warehouse uses rope fibers along with strong frames to make stunning and edgy furniture designs. The cordage has been specially engineered to be used for outdoor furniture. It is durable, and weather resistant and is made to last with proper care. More About Outdoor Rope→

About Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Design Warehouse is proud to carry a stunning collection of polypropylene-resin and polycarbonate plastic outdoor furniture pieces. Many of these are dining chairs and are styled for visual impact and comfortable seating. Our polypropylene chairs include UV inhibitors making them suitable for full-time outdoor usage. Many of these café style high-end plastic chairs are… More About Plastic & Resin →

About Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric

Sunbrella® fabric is used by Design Warehouse for cushion covers, umbrellas and most of our fabric products. It is a very consistent and high durability outdoor rated fabric that has inherent resistances to outdoor environmental conditions. Sunbrella® is an acrylic fabric that has a high water resistance (acrylics are hydrophobic type fabrics, which don’t absorb water),… More About Sunbrella® →

About Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is teakwood that has been used previously, but is repurposed into gorgeous timber with a rustic feel and a lot of character. Often teak is reclaimed from flooring, large structural timbers, and commercial buildings, which means that the reclaimed wood is taken from larger format pieces that… More About Reclaimed Teak →

About Powder Coated Aluminium Furniture

Powder coated aluminium is our material of choice for our lightest weight outdoor furniture. It is gorgeous! The base aluminium is coated with polyester microparticles in colours that perfectly complement the furniture’s other attributes; the resulting finish keeps the furniture looking like new for many years. Even though aluminium doesn’t rust like steel can (picture black and orange exposed steel), it offers the same oxidation protection as on our steel furniture… More About Powder-coated Aluminium→

About Gel Coated Fiberglass Furniture

Gel Coated Fiberglass is a beautiful, glossy material, made with a combination of fiberglass mesh sheeting and a resin based compound. It is typically found on luxury boats and has excellent resistance to sun and moisture. It is good looking, relatively lightweight and durable. It offers a unique and beautiful option for those in the outdoor furniture market. We use this material for some items because the way it looks; its inherent properties and the longevity of the material.… More About Gel-Coated Fiberglass →

About Indoor and Sheltered Furniture

Design Warehouse sometimes discovers indoor furniture pieces where we just admire the design or want to incorporate a unique material. These pieces are not built to handle harsh outdoor conditions like our other furniture. They are made strictly for use under fully shaded areas or indoors, where there is UV and weather protection… More About Indoor or Sheltered Furniture →

About Powder Coated Steel Furniture

Galvanized steel is a beautiful and corrosion resistant and can patina into a very satisfying dull grey silver color over a long period of time. As new, it is bright and shiny, with multiple color tones from grey to silver and it is made from a zinc coating onto the base metal. It has a casual look, but often works seamlessly in more formal settings. It can take on a very urban chic look and feel, with a slight industrial vibe, but it can also be very contemporary and works in multiple settings… More About Powder-coated Steel →

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