About Concrete Furniture

Concrete outdoor furniture at Design Warehouse is a stunning statement for any outdoor space. We’ve taken the best aesthetic qualities of concrete and combined it with innovative engineering and materials to create a perfect blend of livable, versatile and stunningly good-looking outdoor furniture. We use a composite blend of resin and concrete to create lighter weight, easier to use concrete furniture. This gives our concrete product offerings unique and beneficial characteristics for your outdoor space.

Design Warehouse offers two exceptional ranges of concrete outdoor furniture: “BLOK” and “RAW”. Each collection has its own unique approach to outdoor furniture from an aesthetic perspective. Between the two ranges you’ll likely be able to find several wonderful pieces that portray the modern edge, contemporary looks and versatile durability of Resin composite outdoor concrete.

It is important to note that as a natural product, concrete can and will develop cracks and fine lines. This does not affect the integrity or durability of these natural concrete products. When buying concrete outdoor products, one should be comfortable with these naturally occurring aesthetics as they develop over time. If you are not comfortable with the way that natural concrete will age, we invite you to look at our other available materials for outdoor furniture. We love the look of concrete outdoor furniture and so do many of our clients. This concrete furniture is exceptionally beautiful and well made and built to be outdoors full-time.

Concrete Outdoor Furniture pairs well with other Outdoor Furniture

The complimentary colour palette for the concrete range works well with all of our other outdoor furniture options, it allows you to pair warm colours for contrast, or cooler colours without having to restyle your whole space. Concrete outdoor furniture is a versatile range from Design Warehouse, and is distinctly modern, industrial and organic in style and looks. This furniture fits well with any of your current outdoor pieces. The neutral grey of the concrete outdoor furniture pieces offered by Design Warehouse, presents an excellent contrast to the warm honey hues of new A-Grade teak, as well as the matured, silvery patina of aged outdoor teak.

You can also use one of the concrete pieces offered by Design Warehouse to act as the centerpiece for a contemporary outdoor space; it has a certain substantial presence and attitude about it. The monolithic feel of the majority of the concrete outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse make them all a perfect conversation piece. Not every piece gives the appearance of permanency; our smaller pieces offer excellent accessory options for other furniture collections, or alongside the concrete collections.