About Aluminium Furniture

Get your amazing on with Aluminium furniture! At Design Warehouse we are diversifying our selection with an incredible range of different materials to ensure that our customers get the best of the best and products that suit them.

High-quality anodized aluminium is used on select pieces of our outdoor furniture. Aluminium is lightweight and strong, weighing about 1/3 the weight of steel for the same size/dimensions in some cases.

Anodized Aluminium, if applied correctly, is very corrosion resistant. The anodizing process is essentially the application of an extremely durable, uniform and controlled layer of natural oxidation. This oxidation, when controlled, doesn’t allow for bad oxidation to take hold. Aluminium can and will oxidize if left non-anodized, and typically it turns to a white, scaly and powdery surface finish which is truly unappealing.

We anodize the pieces of aluminium that are not otherwise coated, treated or protected, so you can rest assured that you have long-lasting quality and a finish that looks great for many years.

This material is used on several of our wicker collections because it offers a great looking alternative to other surface treatments or works stylistically well with the design. It is a very hearty and good-looking material for outdoor furniture.

Enjoy the advantages of a product that is long-lasting and extremely attractive. From the powder coated aluminium accent tables to the beautiful cantilever umbrella frames, you’ll be thrilled with the options available to you with this attractive metal material.

amalfi aluminium deep seating collection

Aluminium furniture has been so successful at Design Warehouse that we've created entire collections out of it! Enjoy the modish splendour of the Deco Coffee Table or the sleek beauty of our Amalfi Outdoor Aluminium Deep Seating Collection.

Aluminium is a strong, stylish and capable material that looks incredibly chic. Call us today to order your piece from our divine collection of aluminium furniture.

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