Wonderful Wooden Furniture

August 10, 2023
Wonderful Wooden Furniture

Beautiful outdoor wooden furniture is the perfect choice for your al fresco living space, and for so many reasons. Be it in the form of a warm wooden outdoor table, wooden relaxing chair or wooden sectional for seating a group – you can’t go wrong with wonderful wood. Our choice of wood? Grade-A Teak - the finest quality teak wood available. It comes from the heart of the tree and its beauty is unsurpassable, but that’s not the only reason we choose it for our wooden outdoor furniture. As well as being the best looking, densest quality wood of the tectona grandis tree, it withstands the elements and can stay looking beautiful forever.

Grade-A teak begins its life as a blonde, with subtle honey and wheat colour variances. This makes it such a great choice if like us, you’re a true aesthete when it comes to choosing the pieces that make up your outdoor space. It does not contain the same inclusions and undesirable elements of the lesser quality wood in the tree, and is also incredibly dense, with natural oils and rubber compounds and silica present within the wood itself.

The fact that it has no cracks, knots, splits, signs of infestation or damage that can affect the integrity of the wood as it ages, means it will remain looking good for its lifetime. We love that it often matures into a very distinguished silvery grey that is a delight all its own.

Teak as a premium material for outdoor living has a long and impressive history. It has always been the premium natural material for anything exposed to moisture, UV rays, or otherwise harsh environments, as its dense oils allow the wood to resist inclement weather, temperature changes, and damaging pests.

It will easily outlast other natural materials like other hardwoods and softwoods, and as aforementioned, continues to look beautiful while performing. There are century-old marine teak park benches dotted all over Europe made from dismantled ships – a sure fire testament to the durability of the much-loved wood! [caption id="attachment_65379" align="aligncenter" width="1311"]Wooden outdoor Furniture Auckland - Cabo Sectional Cabo Sectional Sofa - Wood Outdoor Furniture[/caption]

The Wooden Sectional

If you’re looking for a modern wooden outdoor sofa setting with a timeless edge, consider taking a look at our Cabo deep seating collection, which comes with the warmth and organic look of Grade-A teak. The strong silhouette of the Cabo Collection is all about luxurious, deep seating, angular lines and large pieces that are sure to make an impact to your space. A top selling sectional, the Cabo Collection is comprised of a Left or Right Arm Daybed, wooden outdoor chairs including an ample Club Chair, Left or Right Corner Chair, and slim lined Wood Coffee Table. The luscious, wide and deep lines of our Cabo Club Chair create the perfect environment to snuggle up with a loved one or fold your legs up and lounge, whilst the Daybeds are a study in true relaxation.

The Cabo Collection features our signature, sought after Grade-A Teak frame, held together with marine grade bolts and glues, and padded with chic Sunbrella® cushions with Quick Dry foam that are ideal for a life outdoors. Modern, minimal and an exquisitely tailored design, the Cabo Teak collection is a superb choice for any contemporary home and outdoor area.

The Wooden Table

An all-weather wood dining table for al fresco entertaining in style is a must in any beautiful outdoor living area, and just looks so beautiful in teak. If rustic and intimate is your outdoor living aesthetic, the Hunter Reclaimed Teak Wood Dining Table is a beautiful choice. Made from hearty reclaimed teak wood, it looks beautiful and is strong as well. The teak is smoothed out and beautifully crafted, and if left unfinished will age over time to a soft, silvery hue. We love the character and rustic charm of teak as it evolves, and the imperfections and grain of the wood are the things that make this table so unique and stunning. [caption id="attachment_3193" align="alignright" width="346"]Wooden Furniture NZ - Dining Set - Capri Table and 12 wood Chairs

Capri Extension Table and 12 Como Chairs[/caption] For a lovely, family-friendly setting, enjoy an evening dining outdoors with ten guests around our famous 300cm reclaimed teak Trestle Dining Table, 290cm Trestle Bench and Gilbert wicker dining chairs. The look and feel is both elegant and casual and most importantly, warm and inviting. Your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed, and the universal style means the handsome table can be combined with so many of our other dining chairs.

If you’re planning a more formal meal but still want to take things outdoors, the Capri Extension Table and Twelve Como Chairs Set is the ideal choice. It includes the largest dining table available in our range of stunning teak tables, and being dignified, accomplished and multi-functional; it’s the most versatile and popular set we have on offer.  The Capri Extension Table and Twelve Como Chairs Set includes our fabulous, ergonomic Como Wooden Outdoor Chairs, with two arms and ten sides. The central focus is the amazing Capri Oval Double Extension Table, which extends from an astonishing 86” to 101” to 117” thanks to its unique butterfly extension design. In addition, the non-movable centre piece allows you to put an umbrella in, and doesn’t fold away when the table is not extended.   [caption id="attachment_68946" align="alignleft" width="300"]Monet Teak Wooden Garden Furniture NZ Monet Teak Wooden Bench Seat[/caption]

The Wooden Garden Bench

We love the look of a outdoor wood bench in a garden or patio setting, with several stellar options available at Design Warehouse depending on your personal style. One example is the Monet Teak Bench, which will work beautifully alone or as your centrepiece for a larger setting. Perfect if you favour softer lines, the Monet Teak Bench is part of the romantic, whimsical and heavy-duty Monet Collection, each piece integrating geometric lines with ergonomically rounded pieces for comfort. The Monet Teak Bench features a wonderful, gentle curve in the back and seat of the framework, easing beautifully into any garden surroundings. Perhaps have it framed by your favourite potted plant or tree in one of our raw concrete planters, or place a Monet Chair on either side and a table in the middle and voila! You have an open, welcoming setting, superbly suited for casual drinks and platters with friends.

The Lutyens Wooden Bench Seat is another popular option, and is a beautiful and classic addition to any outdoor space. The two-seater traditional garden bench, designed by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, is made of solid A-grade Teak using mortise and tenon construction. We also offer a three-seater Lutyens bench if you have a larger space to fill, and recommend a set of teak nesting tables to keep on hand for your ice bucket or coffee.

Alternatively, the beautifully detailed, subtly ornate Cleopatra Teak Outdoor Wood Bench is a true style statement that would elevate any al fresco space. With space for two or three and an unabashedly feminine silhouette, it invites you to sit and while away the day, enjoying the view. [caption id="attachment_376" align="alignright" width="300"]Outdoor Wood Furniture NZ - monterey teak loveseat Monterey Teak - Wooden Loveseat[/caption]

The Wooden Loveseat

If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor wooden piece for a smaller space, our Monterey two-seater lounge piece in gorgeous Grade-A teak is a fabulous, substantial loveseat at an amazing 140 centimetres wide. It happily seats two people with room to breathe, and is also a great size for kicking back and taking all the time and space you need! Built to last, it comes with marine grade hardware and four comfy Sunbrella® cushions, so you know it will last the distance in any climate.

If you’re near our Designer Furniture Showroom, we’d love to host you for a tour of the beautiful products we have in situ and available now, including our fabulous selection of wooden outdoor furniture.  Our wood furniture is designed for use throughout this season and many beautiful long, hot New Zealand summers to come.

Our outdoor furniture pieces come fully assembled and can be picked up, ready to go from our distribution centre. Alternatively, we can ship your new pieces to anywhere you might be using our astute delivery service.

Design Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying luxury outdoor furniture to architects, designers, landscapers, hotels, resorts and private residences for over 25 years, so when we say we know what’s best for outdoor style… you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to back it up.