Our Beautiful New Outdoor Dining Chairs

August 10, 2023
Our Beautiful New Outdoor Dining Chairs

When people first visit our Design Warehouse showroom in Parnell, many of them are struck by the sheer volume of stylish outdoor dining chairs we have available. Crafted from everything from Grade-A teak wood to outdoor wicker, rope and aluminium, we really do have something for every outdoor dining setting – and they are built to last. Read on for some of the latest additions to our fabulous line-up, that are perfect for dining all year round.

The Odette Outdoor Dining Armchair

[caption id="attachment_74988" align="alignleft" width="432"]Odette Dining Arm Chair

Design Warehouse Odette Outdoor Dining Armchairs ...[/caption] The perfect accompaniment to a modern, alfresco dining setting and available in three sumptuous shades, the Odette Outdoor Dining Armchair will have your guests never wanting to leave. A sensuously curved silhouette and fine legs make for an elegant piece that aesthetes will love, while a sturdy yet lightweight construction means that the Odette Outdoor Dining Armchair is easy to move into place when needed and incredibly versatile. Designed for dining but also lingering, Odette will be a timeless piece that you will fall in love with now and treasure for a lifetime, whether your entertaining style is long lunches or informal gatherings after dark.

The Ben Outdoor Wicker Dining Armchair

A handsome study in sturdy construction and all-weather wicker and available in deep lava or warm natural, our Ben Outdoor Wicker Dining Armchair is the dream addition to any contemporary outdoor dining setting – and also stellar all on its own. Generous in width and built to last, Ben will have you and your guests settling comfortably in for dinner or drinks and never wanting to leave. Purpose-built for living outside and so very easy to clean, Ben’s sturdy yet lightweight resin and ST 41 metal construction means that while strong, it is a piece light enough to move into place easily exactly where and when needed. Whether at the bach, by the pool or on the dock, the Ben Outdoor Wicker Dining Armchair will never disappoint.

[caption id="attachment_75118" align="alignright" width="460"]alana chair outdoor dining chair outdoor chairs

Alana Outdoor Dining Chairs[/caption]

The Alana Outdoor Dining Side Chair (Lava)

A truly elegant piece that would look beautiful in so many alfresco dining configurations, the Alana Outdoor Dining Side Chair – available in chic stonewhite and dramatic lava - is destined to elevate any setting. Generous in seating proportions but still with a sleek silhouette, Alana is also an incredibly versatile dining chair with a lightweight construction that means she can easily be moved into place when needed. Place her alongside one of our reclaimed teak dining tables for a luxurious take on rustic style, then just sit back and enjoy.

The Milly Outdoor Dining Side Chair

[caption id="attachment_75078" align="alignleft" width="441"]milly outdoor dining chair chairs 2023

Milly Outdoor Dining Chairs (close-up)[/caption] A stunning, chic piece available in three superlative shades, the slimline silhouette of the Milly Outdoor Dining Side Chair is destined to elevate the look of any outdoor space it inhabits. Fine lines and a beautiful woven look give the Milly Outdoor Dining Side Chair an almost mid-century vibe, while its sturdy yet lightweight resin and ST 41 metal construction is as modern as it gets. It also means that while strong, the Milly Outdoor Dining Side Chair is also lightweight enough to call upon when needed, and easily moved around depending on your needs. Spectacular when placed next to any of our Grade-A teak dining tables, the Milly Outdoor Dining Side Chair will also withstand the weather with ease and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Design Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying luxury outdoor furniture to architects, designers, landscapers, hotels, resorts and private residences for over 25 years, so when we say we know what’s best for outdoor style… you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to back it up.

Beautiful New Outdoor Dining Chairs from Design Warehouse

Thinking about adding leather furniture to your oasis? , we can help. If you have more questions about any of the above, don’t hesitate to call us or drop into our Parnell outdoor furniture showroom today. Our pieces come fully assembled and can be picked up, ready to go from our distribution centre. Alternatively, we can ship your new pieces to anywhere, using our astute delivery service. For more information please call our dedicated team of professionals – we’d love to help, or for more inspiration see our Instagram feed