New Collection: Lola Rope Outdoor Collection

August 10, 2023
New Collection: Lola Rope Outdoor Collection
Along with spring, there comes a ubiquitous adage that the season feels synonymous with. Emerging from the dark, cold months of winter to a brighter, slightly warmer season that inevitably encourages us to make way for the new season and deciding how you want your space to carry you into the New Year. If upgrading your exterior space is part of the plan this year then we have found our match. All of our new additions at Design Warehouse have been arriving and we couldn’t be more excited to show them off. This season one of our favourite new collections is our Lola Rope Outdoor Collection. This collection is just the right addition for this season, expressed with a delicate and light design reflective of the season itself. The collection is a three-piece set that includes a sofa, club chair, and dining chair. Let’s take a look at each piece and how you could potentially incorporate this set in your exterior space this season.

Club Chair

Lola Outdoor Club Chair in BlackMidcentury modern mingles with delicate attributes to create this playful club chair. A fluid silhouette with tapered lines creates the soft angles of this notably striking club chair. This piece, along with all the pieces of the collection, uses rope to accent the powder-coated aluminium matte black frame. The geometric detail has an energizing effect on your space while it creates texture and depth through carefully designed nuances that encourage you to embrace the unexpected. The Lola Rope Outdoor Club Chairs look great when paired with the sofa but are perfectly capable of anchoring a space all on their own. Situate four around a low sitting coffee table for a relaxed outdoor space.

Outdoor Sofa

Lola Outdoor Rope SofaThis piece is fresh for spring and knows the importance of keeping it light. One of the best features about the sofa is that it strikes a nice balance of having the right amount of detail while being able to keep things simple. The Lola Rope Outdoor Sofa, and the set as a whole, is not cluttered or overdone, making it the perfect addition to your exterior. Considering the size of your space, you could use multiple sofas and one or two club chairs to accent the set for a sophisticated outdoor living space by bringing all the comforts one is used to in the interior of the home to your exterior space. Pair with teak root coffee tables and accent tables for an earthy balance that juxtaposes the contemporary materials of the sectional pieces. Remember to pair an umbrella with your set too; the weather is on its way to sunny, glorious afternoons.

Dining Chair

Lola Outdoor Dining ChairAn outdoor space that has cohesive pieces throughout is truly something to be beholden. The continuity between the pieces signifies the thoughtful pauses of its purveyor, expressing to its guests that it’s a space to be enjoyed. The Lola Rope Outdoor Dining Chair is perhaps not the main piece of the collection but we certainly consider it the one to close the show. The chairs have a sweet elegance about them that truly transforms a dining space. Even with the chairs' intricate geometric design, they are extremely versatile, able to pair well with a variety of different styles of dining tables. Pair these chairs with the cool soft tone of a concrete trestle table for a contemporary dining set or a classic grade-a teak dining table for a mixture of traditional and modern for a gentle contrast. Leave any restrictive ideas in the past as the new season is making its mark and indulge all your creative urges. The Lola Rope Outdoor Collection are pieces shaped by the idea of keeping a visually light aesthetic, with a modern mixture of materials, and carefree nuances that mingle together to bring your space the right cadence to set the mood and be a visual anchor to your exterior. Rope has been an emerging new material in the design space and we’ve carefully selected each piece to offer you a large array of new designs and styles. Our staff at Design Warehouse is eager to work with you and assist you in selecting the pieces that will work best for your space. Come to our Parnell showroom to visit us in person, call us at (0800) 111-112, or email us at with all your outdoor furniture enquiries.