Modular Or Fixed Sofa? You Decide With The Amazon Furniture Collection

August 14, 2023
Modular Or Fixed Sofa? You Decide With The Amazon Furniture Collection

Amazon Charcoal Black Aluminium Furniture Collection with club chair and L shaped sectional sofa

Add rich dimensions with the sharp edges and sleek lines of the Amazon Aluminium Furniture Collection. The modern and bold design blurs the lines between old and new. The simple straightforward design indicates an uncomplicated framework yet the powder-coated aluminium structure belies a truly innovative and contemporary element. It’s pieces like these that create an electrifying outdoor experience that will be begging for you to spend your leisure time lounging around outside to appreciate the beauty of the collections’ modernity in nature.

The Amazon Aluminium Outdoor Collection is comprised of 8 pieces that includes seating, sectionals, and table pieces. With all these various pieces it gives you ability to create exactly what you want for your space. Whether it be large or small, each piece is separate and gives you the freedom curate a space that reflects you and your home. It could be as simple as pairing the right arm sofa with the left arm sofa to create an extended sofa or insert the corner chair and add a few centre chairs and you have enough seating for up to a dozen of your guests. We love that, although these pieces look striking as a collection, it’ impressive to see how each piece can also stand on it’s own. Place a few club chairs around an outdoor fireplace and you have a beautiful look! The collection is offered in both charcoal black and white aluminium, creating the ultimate foundation to your outdoor space.

Made from powder-coated aluminium the framework of the collection is lightweight yet durable. The polyester based coating creates a thick coat and soft exterior that looks amazing and resists corrosion. The powder-coated finish acts as a barrier against any adverse weather conditions that might potentially harm the furniture. Aluminium has a natural resistance to any rusting, just another great feature of this collection, making it effortless to keep your furniture looking great year after year.

Balanced drama and repose, the Amazon Aluminium Outdoor Collection accompanies your outdoor space gorgeously as it is a casual invitation to hang out and relax with your family and friends. Backyard soirées to quiet nights enjoying the nocturnal essence of your space, this collection was created with these activities in mind. There is a friendly coolness that makes us want to gather around with one another, enjoy a great meal, a good bottle of wine, and passionate conversation.  

Amazon White Aluminium Furniture Collection with Grey Sunbrella cushions