Add Warmth & Ambiance With Fire Pits

August 14, 2023
Add Warmth & Ambiance With Fire Pits

Design Warehouse Concrete Round Fire Pit A soft glow emanates from a chic, simple structure. Warmth is felt on the bodies while reclining and relaxing on low, cushy chairs. Bask in the glory of a luxury fire pit.

When people think fire pits, they don’t necessarily think of charm and sophistication. At Design Warehouse, we are pleased to bring a range of contemporary, stunning fire pits to our collection of high end, quality outdoor furniture, and change the way you experience luxury.

Our range of Fire pits are made from a robust blend of concrete, fibreglass and resin, and available in three gorgeous shapes - rectangular, round, or square.

With a centre that are filled with lava rocks - each fire pit emanates a gorgeous glow and adds prestige to your outdoor living area.

If that weren’t enough, the Design Warehouse Outdoor Fire Pits are much safer than the traditional wood fire pits of old, and they are much easier to use! A simple set up and switch based system makes cozying up under the light of the moon a beautiful possibility. These are the perfect pieces to aid those summer nights, or to put on during a cool winter day. They give instant heat, a sense of occasion, and - we think you’ll agree - expert style!

The fire pit collection is perfect for both commercial and residential spaces alike, as a central focus for any space, illuminating what needs to be illuminated and providing a sense of calm, community.

Imagine your restaurant, you’ve got the best wine list, a tapas list most people envy, and your clientele want to feel the fresh air, whilst remaining comfortable. Several of the round fire pits dotted throughout your outdoor courtyard, surrounded by gorgeous modern relaxing chairs in rope and powder-coated aluminium, with matching side tables. The look is glorious, unique, welcoming and upmarket.

Perhaps you’ve got a divine garden setting with teak deep seating, such as the art deco inspired Cabo suite. The ambience is already chic, attractive and ever-so comfortable. All you need now is a centrepiece to take the edge off that chilly night air! Place a Rectangular Fire Pit in the middle of your setting and let that be a focal point for conversations and relaxing in your space. Indeed, if you’re by the seaside, the fire pits from Design Warehouse are perfect to cut through that cool, salty air coming off the beach. Set up on your verandah with comfortable chairs around, and relax from afternoon to evening in premium style.Design Warehouse Concrete Rectangle Fire Pit Made from a concrete composite that is a bit lighter weight than 100% concrete, with mechanisms in place that make ignition a breeze, these fire pits are top quality.

When it comes down to it, these fire pits are the premium choice of heating an outdoor area. Far superior to wood burners, and better for the environment. Make an investment in comfort, opulence and style.

Invoke a sense of warmth, coziness and prestige to your outdoor area with the range of super fire pits from Design Warehouse. Call us today to order yours or visit our showroom in Parnell to experience them in person!