Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas - Experience Superior Shade and Sun Protection

Discover Design Warehouse's range of high-quality, durable Cantilever Umbrellas ideally suited for New Zealand's varied climate. Offering a unique design compared to traditional centre-pole umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas feature an off-set base and arm, allowing for a more flexible and convenient shade solution. This design makes them perfect for a variety of outdoor environments, including patios, poolside areas, and garden dining spots, where traditional umbrellas may obstruct the view or disrupt the layout.

Wind Resistant And Easy Operation

Wind resistance is a crucial feature of these umbrellas. The sturdy frame and robust fabric contribute to its wind-resistant nature, ensuring they stay put even in breezy conditions. They are designed for easy operation, with mechanisms that allow you to open and close the umbrella canopy swiftly, usually with the aid of a crank handle.

Shapes To Suit Your Space

Our cantilever umbrellas are available in both round and rectangular shapes. Round shaped umbrellas provide a traditional aesthetic and offer all-around coverage, which makes them ideal for stand-alone settings or circular seating arrangements. In contrast, rectangular umbrellas provide more extensive, linear shade, perfect for long outdoor dining tables or narrow spaces.

Size And Material

Offering coverage that ranges from 3 metres to 4 metres, these umbrellas provide ample shade for your outdoor needs. The canopies are crafted with Sunbrella® outdoor fabric, renowned for its durability and fade-resistant properties. Available in colours like black, taupe, and white, as well as canvas, these Sunbrella® fabric canopies ensure that your umbrella looks vibrant and new for many seasons.

Robust Construction And 360-Degree Turn

The masts of our cantilever umbrellas are made from either steel or aluminium, providing strength and stability. Some models offer a full 360-degree turn, an invaluable feature that allows the umbrella to be adjusted according to the sun’s position, giving you continuous shade throughout the day without the need to move your seating.

Experience the versatility and superior sun protection of our Cantilever Umbrellas and transform your outdoor spaces into a shaded oasis.