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Sutherland Outdoor Teak Dining Table - 240 cm

Taking us back to a time when simplicity really was more stylish. We are thrilled to present the Sutherland Outdoor Teak Dining Tables, an extraordinary addition to our wide selection of dining delights.

Generous slats of aged teak run the length of the table, with the edges sanded down into a curved dream of sorts. The frame is art of its own accord! Almost trestle like with crossed bars supporting the weight, but perfectly proportioned legs being the star of the show here.

All and all, it’s an incredible design that will look stunning in your living space, whether indoors or out!

Available in three key sizes so you may cater to your space, and set up an area that allows for more than just dining. You’ll create a communal space people will flock to. It’s simple, stylish, not ostentatious. Just simple luxury available to you.

The Sutherland Collection features a coffee table, sofa, relaxing chair and dining chairs. All pieces to facilitate that feeling of curated calm.

Call Design Warehouse now to order this tremendous Sutherland Dining Table. It will absolutely floor you with its good looks and charm!

Materials: Reclaimed Teak

Dimensions: L 240 x W 100 x H 76 cm

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