All of our furniture here at Design Warehouse has been manufactured specifically for outdoor use, including our vast range that features rope as a significant design element. The rope fibers are made with polyethylene; this means it is weather resistant and strong.

As with anything that is kept outdoors, proper care and maintenance of these pieces will ensure that they last longer and continue to look good. And it is always recommended to cover or store your outdoor furniture when there is extreme, especially dangerous weather.

Polyethylene rope has been designed to be as low maintenance as possible. You may choose to use a fabric and upholstery protector to give it maximum stain resistance. It is recommended that you test the solution to be sure it does not alter the rope.

It is also important to wipe any spills as quickly as possible. To spot clean an area apply a mist of mild soapy water and work in the solution with a soft cloth by blotting or using light pressure. Then rinse off the solution thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Do not use abrasive materials, excessive scrubbing or a high-pressure hose. And please keep sharp objects away from the rope to avoid any cutting or fraying.

Our rope is braided and woven around aluminium, steel, and teak frames. We offer specific information for these amazing materials on our site. You can also call or email us with any questions or concerns.

Rope Strands Furniture Closeups