Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Furniture

Reclaimed teak is teakwood that has been used previously, but is repurposed into gorgeous timber with a rustic feel and a lot of character.

Often teak is reclaimed from flooring, large structural timbers and commercial buildings, which means that the reclaimed wood is taken from larger format pieces that allow for very nice finished product. Because teak wood that we use in our reclaimed furniture, is originally from old growth trees in Central Java, we can be sure that the wood is top quality. Teak wood in general is capable of lasting more than a century. The natural qualities of the wood makes it impervious to all of the normal culprits of wood degradation. The natural rubbers and oils make it impervious to insects and moisture problems. The density and grain pattern makes it a hardwood without compare for outdoor furniture. The inherent UV and weather related benefits of the teak wood make it perfect for year after year of outdoor use. This standard is exceptional compared to lesser quality recycled or reclaimed teak used by other manufacturers. None of our furniture is veneered, all that we offer is solid, strong teakwood.


Reclaiming Old Growth Teak Wood

Throughout the teak reclaiming process (which includes cleaning, planing and sanding, and a host of quality control procedures), the true natural character and charming qualities of this amazing wood come through. We finish the process by making sure the final product is uniformly complete and looks amazing. As part of the reclaiming process the old original teak wood is cleaned and processed to ensure the most pure product, without outside finishes or oils. In some cases we kiln dry this wood, when it is necessary to ensure consistency. Planed and sanded by high quality craftspeople, we finish the wood and prepare it for building outdoor furniture.

Teak outdoor Furniture of Exceptional Quality, made from Recycled and Reclaimed Teak Wood

Our builders and craftsmen use the same stringent standards for reclaimed teak furniture as for our new build Grade-A Teak outdoor furniture. We sometimes use a finish at the factory to simulate a distressed look on the solid underlying reclaimed teak. We do this for consumer preference, given that our reclaimed teak is every bit as quality wood as new grade-A teak wood, albeit slightly older and with some small aesthetic differences. Reclaimed teak retains the same inherent qualities of natural Grade-A, new-harvest teak wood timbers. Our furniture is all manufactured in our facility in Central Java to the same impeccable standards as our other furniture (made from Grade-A Teak, stainless steel and other premium materials). This means you get amazing quality, built on our reputation for delivering excellence, with a beautiful and charismatic material.

If you love the look of old wood with lots of character then this is perfect for you. Remember the characteristics of reclaimed or recycled wood can change dramatically during seasons over time to look older with a few more lines. This is the history of reclaimed teak wood.