Concrete Furniture Care

Design Warehouse offers stunning concrete furniture for outdoor or indoor use. We utilize a weight saving fiberglass and concrete composite mix, which uses a resin matrix to ensure lightweight gorgeous concrete pieces. The natural beauty and organic, raw feel of concrete gives an impression like nothing else. Our Concrete furniture has a sealant applied at the factory to add a final dimension to the natural smooth finish. Should you feel the need to use a sealant as part of your maintenance regime we suggest a home improvement store to recommend a brand to use if needed. It would be great to utilize a combination of the following tips and techniques depending on your specific needs for Concrete Furniture Care:


Concrete Furniture Care

  • DO NOT use traditional heavy acid cleaners, which are formulated and may be suitable for commercial concrete installations or pool servicing. These acids are too caustic for use on outdoor concrete furniture.
  • DO NOT pressure wash with high-pressure powered pressure washers, for most applications a garden nozzle will be enough pressure to clean the furniture.
  • DO CLEAN spills as soon as possible, using a mild soap and water, for more aggressive spills, you can use a mild household standard chlorine bleach diluted 1 part bleach 2 parts water and use on the entire surface to be cleaned.
  • For general day to day cleaning if needed spray your table with water then lightly with a household spray: Mix 1 part bleach wit 2 parts water. Leave on for 5 minutes; then spray off with a garden hose.
  • DO NOT drag a concrete table to a new position outdoors. This will cause irrepairable damage to the table. The weight and size of the tables needs the help of 3 to 4 adult people.

Concrete Furniture is made from a Natural Organic Material: Concrete

It’s important to understand that concrete is concrete; it is porous and organic looking, and as it is used day to day, it will take on a perfectly imperfect look. It is this aging and character that offers such a unique and longstanding impact for those who enjoy the look of concrete. Concrete is a natural product and will behave like one, please remember this and follow care instructions to extend the life of your gorgeous concrete furniture.