Teak outdoor furniture is a practical, durable and more importantly a beautiful option for your space. Teak patio furniture can be left out, exposed to the weather with the expectation that your furniture will not become warped, waterlogged or twisted. Teak patio furniture is not subjected to the cracking, splintering or decay concerns that lesser woods are susceptible to. You can be sure that your teak outdoor furniture will not become a home to termites, or be unable to handle wet climates. Utilizing proper care techniques and ideologies will ensure that your teak patio furniture maintains its attractive qualities and durability. Teak outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse is built for longevity and great looks. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR OUTDOOR FURNITURE

Achieving the Hallmark Silvery-Grey Patina

New manufactured teak wood furniture has a wonderfully warm and soft honey-hued light brown colour with a tight grain pattern and a finish, which appears to have been polished. This slightly polished appearance is a result of the naturally occurring oils, which contribute to the overall weather resistance of the teak wood. This natural oil at the surface of the wood will evaporate after a few days out of doors. The oil that remains below the surface retains the durability of the teak. When your teak outdoor furniture is left outside, it will age naturally, eventually giving the pieces a handsome grey/silver appearance. Generally speaking, this natural patina will take 9-12 months to develop. The setting that you place your teak furniture in, will determine the time frame to achieve this hallmark patina. The silvering process does not negatively affect the strength, durability or integrity of the teak wood. This characteristic aging suits any garden setting and makes teak outdoor furniture that much more versatile. This is a popular characteristic of teak furniture due to its low maintenance needs and the fact that it is a naturally occurring process for teak wood. Washing your teak will keep it clean and accelerate this process.

Retaining the Original Golden and Honey Colours of Teak Outdoor Furniture

You can use a teak sealer if you want to maintain the original colour theme of your teak patio furniture. Teak sealers are typically solvent-based, with a thin, water like consistency and contain protection against UV rays, consistent moisture, and mould. You can find different shades of sealers, which will change the basic colour of your teak outdoor furniture once applied if you choose to. Generally speaking, a teak sealer will deepen the colour of your teak slightly and will not retain the original raw sheen of the A-Grade teak in the furniture. Teak sealers aren’t overly difficult to apply and usually require a reapplication every 6-12 months depending on the product and your environment. If you do choose to use a teak sealer, Design Warehouse recommends that you visit a marine store and look for specialty sealers produced for use on boats.

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture and Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak requires minimal maintenance aside from an occasional brush down. To perform such cleaning, you might consider using a diluted mixture of Marine SimpleGreen® and water. A light once over with a soft brush, will remove accumulated dirt. You should always rinse all solutions off of the surface of your teak furniture with clean water after cleaning. To remove grease spots, a light scrub with a mild degreasing agent is recommended, with additional fresh-water rinsing afterward. For more stubborn stains or nature stains such as staining from trees, birds, flowers or mould it is important to note outdoor furniture needs to be washed and cleaned as if it is your car or verandah as grime and dirt need to be removed. We recommend you take the expert advice from a marine store for these stubborn stains. They will recommend a specialized teak cleaner depending on the stain. Remember there are many environments where furniture is kept and each environment can produce a different effect. To remove the natural patina from A-Grade teak, you can find specialty teak cleaners at marine stores.

Winter or Wet Season Storage and Protection

Teak outdoor furniture can be left outdoors all year round, regardless of the location. Generally speaking, in exceptionally wet conditions we recommend that the cushions are removed from that weather season and stored in a cool dry place. You might opt to cover your teak patio furniture during the winter if so, utilize a cover, which will allow your teak wood to breathe. If you store your teak furniture indoors during the heavy weather season, do not store the furniture in heated rooms. Such storage methods will dry out the wood inconsistently and may cause cracks in your furniture. Teak will naturally expand and contract with weather changes over time. Some pieces of your furniture construction are not epoxied or glued into place and from time to time, you may be required to tighten those fasteners, which hold those pieces in place. As Teak wood ages, small cracks may appear on the wood’s surface, this is called “checking” and is a completely natural process. This process does not negatively affect the teak wood’s durability or integrity. Teak outdoor furniture, teak patio furniture, and other teak furniture pieces will all age gracefully. Certain resulting imperfections and changes are natural and promote the long-standing durability and characteristic traits of classic teak furniture.