Sumartra Tall Outdoor Side Table (Charcoal)


Lifting spaces with a daring new design and exquisite materials is the phenomenal Sumartra Tall Side Table with black staining, a unique and wonderful addition to any area. Echoing a mixture of Art Deco vintage furniture with the robust and rustic charm of teak wood, that is stained to perfection, creating a cohesive and glamorous product to grace your space!

We encourage you to think outside the square and place this fabulous table indoors as well as outside! The options truly are endless! Envisage the cool calm and collected office, teaming with fresh new character by placing a Sumartra Tall Side Table in an esteemed space with magazines or a lush plant, adding to your waiting area, or chill space with character and dynamism.

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A-Grade Teak
W53.5cm x D53.5cm x H60.0cm

Made from beautiful teak, a wood that carries with it recognition of a long life span, and known to be the best quality wood for outdoor use because of the natural supply of rubber and oil. Our Sumartra Side Tables are stained with dark grey which brings out the texture of the wood and creates a unique new product we and our customers just adore!

Place the Sumartra Side Table against your Club Chair or Loveseat to finish off the look with a purposeful and beautiful piece of outdoor furniture. Perhaps your deep seating sectional needs a little more character, levels and texture? Place a Sumatra Tall Side Table and matching Low Sumartra Table on each end to polish off the space with aplomb! This gorgeous Sumatra Side Table even looks divine when placed in a hallway, home office, or in the living room!

Call Design Warehouse today and discover more options for making your space enlivened with the Sumartra Side Table!

About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Our Teak Furniture is the Finest Quality Teak Furniture in New Zealand and throughout the world. Teak wood is the premier choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is a stable timber with inherent water and rot repellancy, due to its high content of oil and rubber compounds within the wood. Teak is a highly valued wood because of the even grain and beautiful color. It has been the natural material of preference in the shipbuilding and furniture making industries. Teak is a durable, strong wood, which has high resistance to insects and is virtually immune to decay.

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How to Care for your A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is a practical, durable and more importantly a beautiful option for your space. Teak patio furniture can be left out, exposed to the weather with the expectation that your furniture will not become warped, waterlogged or twisted. Teak outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse is built for longevity and great looks. For specific care instructions for A-Grade Teak, click through the following link.

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