23 August 2023

Why Designers Love Shopping At Design Warehouse

Design Warehouse Parnell Auckland New Zealand

Walking into Design Warehouses high end furniture showroom in the bustling heart of Parnell - half way between the city and the sea - it’s easy to see why people stop and take a moment to ingest the gravitas of the space, the sprawling rows of superb, luxury outdoor furniture and the layers of styles on display. For our huge pool of designers that frequent Design Warehouse, the landscape of our space incites them to be able to create stunning collations from the stories we have on offer. This is why designers love shopping at Design Warehouse. From architecture and interior design, to landscape and commercial spaces, our designers are able to readily conceive of superb presentations for their clients because of the range of materials, design trends and concepts we have collated in our super-sized showroom. You’ll often find calm, focused designers in our showroom, walking around and taking in the items of luxury furniture and décor with ease, in the knowledge that they have high quality, classic, modern and spatially exciting pieces at their fingertips, easily accessible for them and their clientele. Outdoor living areas are simple and satisfying to curate at Design Warehouse. Exterior design experts can put together amazing entertainment sets with our BBQs, bar tables and planters - from the rustic, modern vibe enlisting the concrete collection or falling into the romanticism of our classic robust teak sets - it’s a wonderful thing watching our designers contemplate their brief and easily draw together options that will delight the space as well as their customers! Design concepts can be illuminated and strengthened with the blending of materials and utilising clever spacial design to comprehend a truly special outdoor living area for commercial and personal spaces. Designers love that we have incorporated synthetic and organic fibres in our furniture - all promising a level of quality and longevity that is second to none. Move through our space and be delighted by the big, chunky reclaimed teak up against delicate woven chairs made out of UV treated polypropylene materials and powder coated metals, or fall into the world of stunning cushioning that layers texture, warmth, comfort, cohesion and opulence into an outdoor area. For the classic patio design, designers can choose from the strong edges of our sectional deep seating, or the curved lines of relaxing chairs or pedestal tables, dependant on the brief and the outdoor living ideas that have been presented to them. Interior designers also have a field day at Design Warehouse. It’s not just home décor that is on offer, with our fantastic array of lamps, pots and planters, you can also incorporate a great many of our furniture items indoor as well as out. Take the trestle table - powerful, modern and classic all at once… it is the perfect central focus for a large open plan dining and kitchen area. Complement this space with subtle, contemporary seating and watch as it opens up the area and speaks to the space and the people in it. This is just one offering from a range of furniture that has option after option for designers to envisage their artistry. Designers are known to make their first and sometimes only stop to Design Warehouse because they know when it comes to landscape design, décor ideas, modern focus and outdoor entertainment areas, they can rely on the knowledge of our staff, the quality of our products and the luxurious, superb designs on offer. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR OUTDOOR FURNITURE