The Fab Five, Our Most Popular Club Chairs

August 14, 2023
The Fab Five, Our Most Popular Club Chairs

Five Deep Seating Teak Club Chairs

Club Chairs can make the most out of an outdoor seating area. As a single piece; they are traditional, have a strong presence, and are welcoming. In greater compositions; they offer space for those who need many seats, and create cohesion and community.

In this blog we look at five go-to favourite styles of Club Chairs at Design Warehouse from our large range of Grade A Teak Deep Seating Collections, as we invite you to open up to many different possibilities for seating.

The absolute classic and most famous in Club Chairs from Design Warehouse is none other than our Amalfi Club. A strong and stately piece that is a beautiful item to show in any modest area, or join with its tremendous sectional. The Amalfi Teak Club Chair is larger than most, considered a two-seater, but we also have a special love for curling up with a book, a blanket and sinking into the luxurious Sunbrella® cushions with carefree abandon.

The Amalfi Club Chair looks incredible opposite the one-armed sofas and corner chairs, the perfect end frame for your space, and fabulous when you place the Amalfi Ottoman against it for a multi-functional daybed!

If you want to opt for something substantial, modern and stylish this makes a huge impact, then let us suggest to you the contemporary heavyweight: the Ibiza Teak Club Chair.

This collection oozes a distinguished urban appeal, the strong pieces of wood are configured to demand attention with the thick blocks meeting perfectly chiseled corners and framing soft, cloud-like Sunbrella® cushions.

As a Club Chair, the Ibiza has a brilliant impact. It can be placed singularly on a porch or deck for an individual to own the space they’re in with refined, modern calm, or placed in a configuration with the rest of the Ibiza Collection to compliment each other, securing a glamorous, comfortable, quality setting in your home or business.

Next, we take you to the Soho, which is unique, funky, upper class, and inviting. This is a set that packs the ultimate punch. As much as this collection is bought for outdoor use, more and more customers have purchased the Soho Teak Collection for indoor finessing!

Meet the Soho Grade A Teak Club Chair. Vast, chunky slats of wood, paneling horizontally down the frame and fastened with beautifully polished stainless steel. The structure itself radiates modern luxury, and when filled with extra soft cushions, the lavishness is taken to a whole new level. Use in a home library or study to bring your room into the 21st century with elegant prestige. Placing the Ibiza Club under an awning allows you to rest in the shade, in the most comfortable and comforting opulence! Pair with a fabulous concrete side table, and you’ll be thrilled with the fresh, contemporary vibe.

Perhaps you’re more suited to a classic garden look? We have plenty for you as well! The St. Tropez has long time been one of our best sellers, paired with other items from the collection, as well as customers opting for two of the dashing St. Tropez Club Chairs on their own. This is a suite that shows the elegance of the wood, in slender cuts that follow the grain, a gentle curvature on the armrests, and a dash of 1950s flavour that enables the St. Tropez Collection to blend in with many different looks. The slant of the chair makes this particular Club a crowd favourite!

Envisage your St. Tropez suite overlooking the ocean, you set in place, relaxed as the sea breeze floats in… absolutely idyllic. And as it should be.

Finally, we’d love to discuss the Havana: a brilliant style that evokes stylish strength with its cutting edge design, geometric shapes, and excellent options for staging. The Havana Club Chair, in particular, offers each person who sits the space to place a drink, book, even a small plate of food! The design provides wide, perfectly buffered flat slats that create an effortlessly modern, chic look, as well as a comfortable frame to spend the day resting and relaxing in! Place a Havana Club on each side of the 3 Seater Sofa, and offer up possibilities for long nights casual dining, entertaining and enjoying company in the comfort of a setting that you have curated.

These are only 5 of our famous teak Club Chairs! Come in and explore for yourself! We have a brilliant range that offers something for everyone; the only thing you’re sure to get every time is quality and style.