Spring: Al Fresco Dining

August 14, 2023
Spring: Al Fresco Dining

Once the new season is upon us we can start to consider how our living spaces can shift along with us. Spring has started to emerge along with our desire to spend more time outside. The quality in the air encourages us to think about our exterior spaces and what purpose we will give to them. Spring can be interpreted as a place to start fresh, a place to begin something that can have a lasting impact. Al fresco dining is a tradition we always look forward to, it tends to give an exterior space a sense of purpose, and with the mark of spring on the horizon, now is the perfect time to begin.

Design Warehouse understands that dining al fresco requires something like an artful elegance when executing a dining experience that engages the senses. Allow yourself to be immersed in the dining experience where each element makes its own delicate imprint. We have curated several outdoor dining sets to consider this spring season.

Toni Reclaimed Teak Round Outdoor Dining Table + Retro Outdoor Dining Chair

round table and chair toni retro

If you err on the side of a more traditional aesthetic this set gives your space the right amount of classic design mixed with a slight edge with its modern details. The Toni Reclaimed Teak Round Dining Table feels like an echo from nature, perfectly suited for this season, while the subtle hue of the honey toned teak wood provides a flawless fixture for a backdrop of lush greenery. Then pairing it with the Retro Outdoor Dining Chair will provide a sophisticated accent to the dining table. The chair comes in a “Cocobolo” color palette, a mixture of black and brown tones, which effortlessly ties back into the raw material of the table. Entertain your guests this spring season in complete style with this earthy and romantic set.

Noble Outdoor Bar Table + Urban Outdoor Bar Stool

table and chair - Urban and Noble

This funky set is for the dweller that is contemporary and cool. The Noble Outdoor Bar Table is designed with clean lines and angular details that has a simple and functional presence. Add the Urban Outdoor Bar Stool in Coal for an unexpected accent that will completely transform your outdoor space. The bar stools have a rounded shape that is accented with rope to provide an interesting detail to the piece while keeping it modern. This set will encourage you to invite all your friends over to enjoy some tasty libations on a crisp and sunny afternoon.

Parsley Outdoor Dining Table + Baltic Outdoor Dining Chair

baltic and parsley - table and chair

This pairing is rooted in modern design but takes on a classical approach through the tonal contrasts that evokes a rich and pure ideal. The Parsley Outdoor Dining Table is made of an a-grade teak frame that is topped with a white concrete table top that effortlessly compliments the wood. The Baltic Outdoor Dining Chair is an exceptional match for this table. There’s a sophistication that’s expressed through the blue and white contrast that takes on a regal tone with an execution that feels pristine. Enjoy crisp afternoons with family dining around this set that makes a flourishing impact on your space this season.

Hosting your friends and family is a special kind of delight that becomes highlighted by the seasonal climate and how the occasion is presented to your guests. The experience becomes defined by all the elements involved; the space, the food, the time of year, and the people. Each detail carefully attended to make an occasion with loved ones special. Having a great outdoor set for the warming season ahead is one thing Design Warehouse can offer. All of our pieces are designed to fair well in most weather conditions allowing you to enjoy it season after season. Start planning your outdoor dining space today and visit our Parnell outdoor furniture showroom for dining furniture you will love year after year.