How To Enjoy Outdoor Living Year Round

August 10, 2023
How To Enjoy Outdoor Living Year Round

Some believe that the cooler days of autumn mark the final days of being able to outdoor barbecues, dinner parties under the stars and drinks with friends. However at Design Warehouse, we believe indulging in a little al fresco bliss doesn’t need to stop just because the mercury is starting to drop. You can enjoy outdoor living year round with some clever tricks and tips and a few stylish new additions, you can keep your outdoor space functioning as a wonderful extension of your home almost all year round.


summit floor rug in charcoal

Warm Up With Outdoor Accessories

Transform your patio or outdoor space into a true outdoor room that you’ll love relaxing in by adding some of the creature comforts you enjoy indoors like outdoor rugs, outdoor throws, weatherproof pillows, poufs and more. By adding just a few design elements to your outdoor space, you can comfortably entertain and extend your connection with friends and family through the autumn months and even into winter.

Thicker blankets reserved for outdoor entertaining or camping are a lifesaver on cold evenings, and will keep your guests cosy and warm long after the sun has set. And make sure that you don’t neglect the floor: an outdoor rug is essential as the cold comes straight up from concrete surfaces and moist ground.

Our outdoor rugs (Summit in charcoal shown left) are built to last, be it the Summit Peak, Peru or Mendoza style. Place your picks of these beauties in your outdoor living area to glamorously mark out a territory for fabulous dinners and dramatic deep seating, and even throw in a couple of our outdoor poufs like the Donut or Fuji to add another layer of comfort.


Add Some Stylish Cover

summit floor rug in charcoal

If you have a roof or cover over your outdoor living area, chances are you'll be more likely to stay outside when it gets darker earlier and the temperatures begin to fall.

You can partition off part of your outdoor room using our larger planters sporting impressive shrubs for extra shelter, and add a large cantilever umbrella like our Antego and Kingston styles for even more protection. Both sport Sunbrella® shade fabrics too, which means they will stay looking beautiful in even the most inclement weather. This is due to the unique makeup of Sunbrella® fibres, which come saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing methods only add colour to the fibre’s exterior, but Sunbrella®’s performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric. This means they are not an applied finish that would wash off over time, and will maintain their signature hue for many years to come.


Stay Cosy in Comfort

Vital to any outdoor space - rain or shine - is cushioned, deep seating furniture that you’ll never want to leave. Uncomfortable outdoor seating is definitely the wrong way to go, and if you’ve ever sat down on a cold chair before you’ll know that it’s definitely not the most inviting experience – not matter what season.

Consider a cosy yet expansive setting like our Cabo deep seating collection, which comes with the warmth and organic look of Grade-A teak. The architecture of the Cabo Collection is all about luxurious, deep seating, angular lines and large pieces that are sure to make an impact to your space.

A top selling sectional, the Cabo Collection is comprised of a Left or Right Arm Daybed, an ample Club Chair, slim lined Coffee Table and Corner Chair.

The luscious, wide and deep lines of our Cabo Club Chair create the perfect environment to snuggle up with a loved one or fold your legs up and lounge in this generous sized club.

Sunbrella® cushions are included with the purchase of all our Deep Seating products too, adding an extra layer of comfort and security. Just add a luxe throw or two and your guests won’t want to leave.


Get Glowing

Once you have created your dream outdoor oasis, you will want to use it as often as possible, even on those slightly chillier days or nights. Adding sources of heat and lighting will definitely help keep you and your guests outside when the mercury drops, and mean you can blissfully enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

Keep your family and friends comfortable no matter the weather with our high end range of outdoor heaters, heat lamps and patio heat pendants. We offer the prestigious EvenGlo® standing heaters exclusively. Manufactured in Canada, their modern designs blend seamlessly into any space.


Fire It Up!

Nothing lends the feeling of warmth and intimacy like gathering with friends and family around a roaring fire. It centres a space and brings both light and heat, making for a focal point year-round. The warmth emanating from the flame of a fire can help create a whole new mood, delivering a feeling of comfort and cosiness akin to a soft blanket or a morning coffee in bed. In fact, a recent study claims that the effect of watching fire helps us become calmer and more sociable, and even causes our blood pressure to drop. Definitely a great reason to add a fire pit to your outdoor oasis in time for winter’s chill.

Much like indoor fireplaces, fire pits provide the perfect focal point for an outdoor sitting area, and they look fantastic surrounded by outdoor sofas, sectionals or relaxing chairs. Nothing draws a crowd more than a good fire pit setup, and we offer an incredible line of modern and sophisticated concrete outdoor fire pits.

We offer three different shapes; rectangular, square and round, ensuring a perfect fit for any outdoor living setting. These gorgeous fire pits can be hooked up to your own gas or with an attachment for a propane or natural gas tank, and we’ve thoughtfully designed a storage container that will cover the latter so that it will look like, and function like one of our stunning concrete side tables.

We use a high-quality concrete and resin mix to make our concrete outdoor furniture and accessories, and the mechanics and inner workings of the fire pits are extremely well built and easy to use.

If you’re near our showroom, we’d love to host you for a tour of what’s on offer as we head further into the cooler months. Our pieces come fully assembled and can be picked up, ready to go from our distribution centre. Alternatively, we can ship your new pieces to anywhere, you might be using our astute delivery service.

Design Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying luxury outdoor furniture to architects, designers, landscapers, hotels, resorts and private residences for over 25 years, so when we say we know what’s best for outdoor style… you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to back it up.