Tokio Teak Relaxing Chair


Take your mind off the busy day with this new addition to our relaxing chair family. Unlike anything else we offer, this beautiful chair is a combination of A-Grade teak and outdoor polyfibre as the seat and back. This new style is sure to impress any guest and wow anyone who sits in it. The low seating height makes it the perfect chair to put on a patio or balcony to overlook the beach, city landscape or country sights.

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A-Grade Teak, Rope
W69cm x D79cm x H79cm

The polyfibre weave used for the seating area as well as the backrest staples this unique design. The weave gives cushion and adjusts to whomever sits on it. The strapping is made from PVC and PP yarns that make it suitable even for marine applications. This gives the chair the added benefit of flexibility and comfort. Because of the high quality materials that we use for this chair, it is perfectly fine to be used for the outdoors.

Also in this collection is our Tokio dining chair. Using identical materials, we offer a chair that seats at a dining height.

Supporting the weave is the frame built from solid A-Grade teak wood. The frame is unique because of its low, angled legs, which gives it the low seating position. This teak wood is meant for the outdoors and is able to look just as good as the day you bought it with light maintenance for stains and mildew.

The maintenance and care for this chair is extremely simple. The Sunbrella® strapping can be cleaned with a soft brush and light soapy water. The same cleaning method applies for the frame made up of Grade-A teak.

About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Our Teak Furniture is the Finest Quality Teak Furniture in New Zealand and throughout the world. Teak wood is the premier choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is a stable timber with inherent water and rot repellancy, due to its high content of oil and rubber compounds within the wood. Teak is a highly valued wood because of the even grain and beautiful color. It has been the natural material of preference in the shipbuilding and furniture making industries. Teak is a durable, strong wood, which has high resistance to insects and is virtually immune to decay.

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About Our Rope Furniture

Design Warehouse uses rope fibers along with strong frames to make stunning furniture designs. It has been specially engineered to be used for outdoor furniture. It is durable, and weather resistant and will last for a long time with proper care.

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How to Care for your A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is a practical, durable and more importantly a beautiful option for your space. Teak patio furniture can be left out, exposed to the weather with the expectation that your furniture will not become warped, waterlogged or twisted. Teak outdoor furniture from Design Warehouse is built for longevity and great looks. For specific care instructions for A-Grade Teak, click through the following link.

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How to Care for Your Rope Furniture

It is important to keep your rope furniture clean to keep it performing and looking its best. Wipe up any spills as quickly as possible. To spot clean an area apply a mist of mild soapy water and work in the solution with a soft cloth by blotting or using light pressure. Gently off the solution thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Do not use abrasive materials, excessive scrubbing or a high-pressure hose. And keep sharp objects away from the rope to avoid any cutting or fraying.

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