Platform Reclaimed Teak Sofa Daybed Right

$5,695.00 WHOLESALE PRICE: $3,495.00

Modern sophistication is at the core of the incredible Platform Collection. When you are in the market for creating a splendid sectional, you must add the Platform Reclaimed Teak Sofa Daybed Right to your suite.
Introducing an upmarket industrial vibe to our vast collection of furniture at Design Warehouse, the Platform Collection relies on amazing materials and a fabulous design to bring something new, modern and fresh to your home.

Each piece begins with a powder coated aluminum base, reclaimed teak panels that extend out enough to place a drink, or book on and topped off with generous Sunbrella® cushions. The Platform Reclaimed Teak Sofa Daybed Right fits together beautifully with its left hand counterpart for a long and luxurious sofa that will make a tremendous impact in your space. Add a Corner unit to feel the delight of an ‘L’ shape – welcoming and tranquil. Have a large space to fill? Add another Corner, with an extra Daybed Right facing a Platform Sofa with two Coffee Tables in between for a dramatic, fabulous setting you will be proud to keep in your home.

Powder-Coated Aluminum, Reclaimed Teak, Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabric
W200cm x D92cm x H82cm

In-Stock Sunbrella Cushion Colors Are:

  • Canvas

  • Coal

  • Taupe

  • Black

Custom Sunbrella cushion colors may be available for this piece, but will require additional time. For additional color options please call or email us.

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The Platform series is suitable for both indoors and out, due to its fantastic materials and gorgeous design. This is a suite that epitomizes modern living. The Sunbrella cushions are free as shown with your purchase. They are all weather resistant, easy to clean and available in stunning, classic Taupe. The fabulous base or ‘Platform’ is made out of sleek panels of Reclaimed Teak, filled with character and charm. This outdoor set needs very little maintenance. Ideal for lounging outdoors; the glamorous Platform sectional is something new and exciting for your outdoor space. Donned with cushy yet shaped cushions and sleek architecture; the Platform Sectional Collection gives you the option of selecting one of these stylish statement pieces, like the Daybed Right, or making a dramatic impact with different pieces from the collection.

Whether you choose for indoors or out the Platform Reclaimed Teak Sofa Daybed Right is an incredible piece of furniture. Call us today or visit our showroom in Parnell to discuss options.

About Powder Coated Aluminum Furniture

Powder coated aluminum is our material of choice for our lightest weight outdoor furniture. It is gorgeous! The base aluminum is coated with polyester micro particles in colors that perfectly complement the furniture’s other attributes; the resulting finish keeps the furniture looking like new for many years. Even though Aluminum doesn’t rust like steel can (picture black and orange exposed steel), powder-coating offers the same oxidation protection as on our steel furniture.

Click to Read More About Powder Coated Aluminum Furniture

About Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak is teakwood that has been used previously, but is re-purposed into gorgeous timber with a rustic feel and a lot of character. Often teak is reclaimed from flooring, large structural timbers and commercial buildings, which means that the reclaimed wood is taken from larger format pieces that allow for very nice finished product. Because teak wood that we use in our reclaimed furniture is originally from old growth trees in Central Java, we can be sure that the wood is top quality. Teak wood in general is capable of lasting more than a century. The natural qualities of the wood make it impervious to all of the normal culprits of wood degradation.

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About Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabric Material

Sunbrella® fabric is used by Design Warehouse for cushion covers, umbrellas and most of our fabric products. It is a very consistent and high durability outdoor rated fabric that has inherent resistances to outdoor environmental conditions.

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How to Care for your Powder-Coated Aluminum Furniture

Powder-Coated Aluminium is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, because of its good looks and durability. Powder coating is durable for outdoor furniture, but it isn’t a hard coating, relatively speaking. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. Specifically, with powder-coating you won’t need abrasives anyway. The finish is smooth and resistant to dirt and debris. For specific care instructions for powder-coated aluminium, click through the following link.

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How to Care for your Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Maintenance for reclaimed teak is to clean with simple green marine solution diluted as directed on the product, wash off to leave to air dry. Another method is to use a spray made with a few drops of household bleach in water on damp wood. Leave for 5-10 mins and softly hose off and let to air dry. To remove loose grime on a daily basis, use a soft, dry household brush.

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How to Care for your Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabric Material

Sunbrella® Fabric is a perfect solution for year round outdoor furniture; we use it on cushions, pillows, canopies and umbrellas. It is rot, fade and mildew resistant and looks amazing for a long time. For specific care instructions for Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics, click through the following link.

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